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    YouTuber Makes a Frankengun called “Commie Tommie”

    This article was originally posted on AK receiver, SKS stock, HK 91 locking piece and firing pin, Zastava M76 bolt carrier and recoil spring, PPSh barrel shroud/muzzle brake, Suomi SMG drum magazines and bolt head … wouldn’t this rifle be Dr. Frankenstein’s creature if he was a gunsmith? The host of the YouTube channel called “V8 […] More

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    DIY Barrel Made of REBAR and Rimfire Barrel Liner

    This article was originally posted on A YouTube channel called “This Stuff I Do” has a 3-part video series showing how the host of the channel makes a DIY .22LR barrel out of rebar with a rimfire barrel liner installed into it. Barrel liners are thin-walled rifled cylinders which are designed to give a second life […] More

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    Introducing “Arms Cove”… A Better Firearms & Accessories Marketplace

    This article was originally posted on Many mom ‘n pop shops, internet retailers, distributors and gun manufacturers have felt their fair share of censorship. Whether it is Facebook banning certain advertisements, YouTube defunding firearm channels or other marketplaces being unkind or unwelcoming, it is always more difficult to compete when you sell firearms and […] More