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    Glorious Slow Motion By Tac TV

    This article was originally posted on Here is a video posted by Vaporwar on Facebook. It has some fantastic slow motion video clips of firearms being fired. They have: PSM STG-44 AK47 FAL M249 I probably missed one or two. I liked seeing the bolt of the STG-44 unlocking as it chambers a cartridge […] More

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    Engraved Russian Firearms by Praktica of Zlatoust

    This article was originally posted on Zlatust is a Russian town known for over 200-year heritage of hosting master engravers and decorators. In 1991 a company called Praktica was established in this town. A team of local master engravers has joined the newly founded company and since then they produce a number of precious metal plated […] More

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    Kalashnikov Concern News – Pistols [Arms & Hunting 2017]

    This article was originally posted on During the Arms & Hunting 2017, Kalashnikov Concern has shown several interesting handguns. The Kalashnikov officials also explained some of the key features and design solutions of the earlier introduced pistols. MP-443 One of these pistols is a subcompact handgun called MP-443. It was earlier introduced in ARMY […] More