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    FN Demonstrating HAMR-16 for PEO Soldier’s Next Gen Squad Weapon

    This article was originally posted on Program Executive Officer (PEO) Soldier out of Fort Belvoir, Virginia recently tweeted an image depicting U.S. Army Brigadier General Anthony Potts (currently commanding PEO Soldier) on the test range firing a test rifle apart of “emerging technologies for Next Generation Squad Weapon” as spelled out in the tweet. Upon […] More

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    Brazil’s INA submachine gun reloaded – Part 3

    This article was originally posted on Shortly after completing the previously-described ( .45 ACP-to-9x19mm INA conversion at Brazilian Army’s Arsenal de Guerra General Câmara, in the Rio Grande do Sul State, the very same officer in charge was transferred to IMBEL’s Fábrica de Itajubá, Minas Gerais State, as head of the facility’s Research Department […] More

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    Thanks to All Our Readers, from Nathaniel F [Announcement]

    This article was originally posted on As the late, great Hognose would say – Bottom Line Up Front: Yours truly has secured a position working at the Institute of Military Technology in Florida. I will be starting the position later this month and have been in the meantime getting ready for a move across four […] More

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    New AR magazine adapter for the SG 55x line

    This article was originally posted on This will be a welcome new product for owners and users of the SIG SG 55x firearms. I have a few friends using their SG 552 Commandos who have been asking for these adapters, but had nowhere to go. GS Designs Canada now offer a magazine adapter for […] More

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    The Picatinny Mounted MK31 MOD 0 Pen Flare of Operation Enduring Freedom

    This article was originally posted on Unfortunately, an inevitable result of any large-scale military counter-insurgency operation are unintended, innocent civilian casualties otherwise known as collateral damage. The questions stated to military planners are not “If” but instead “When”. How any modern Infantry forces works through this sort of preparation can sometimes determine the difference […] More

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    Review: VERTX EDC Gamut Plus

    This article was originally posted on Any dedicated carry bag will be a slightly less covert method of transporting a rifle simply due to the advertising around its intended purpose. However, the VERTX EDC Gamut Plus does not overtly market the backpack as a rifle bag and does an excellent job of staying low […] More

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