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    S&T Kinetics Updates Bullpup Line with BR18 Rifle

    This article was originally posted on At this year’s Singapore Air Show, S&T Kinetics showed off their latest bullpup rifle, the 5.56x45mm NATO BR18. The BR18 is the latest version of what began as the BMCR, or Bullpup Multirole Combat Rifle which initially debuted at the 2014 Singapore Air Show. The biggest difference with […] More

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    The Retro AR Collection of Enhanced Tactical Arms

    This article was originally posted on We recently wrote about Enhanced Tactical Arms with their new grip design at SHOT 2018. But during the show, we were able to get a behind the scenes look at the small companies efforts to replicate the developmental history of the M4 carbine from the early beginnings in the […] More

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    Las Vegas Antique Gun Show: A Hidden and Accessible Gem

    This article was originally posted on Often completely overshadowed by the larger SHOT Show, the Antique Gun Show is strategically held during the weekend after SHOT Show (although this year it was held the weekend before). Although possibly not the best antique show in the United States, it certainly ranks highly up there with the quality […] More

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    Impressions and Reflections of SHOT 2018

    This article was originally posted on Now more than a week has passed since SHOT 2018, and we at TFB are finally recuperating from what is most likely the busiest single week that the entire team will have all year. With SHOT Show over, we can finally go back to the boring business of gun […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] IWI USA’s 40mm UBGL/Standalone Grenade Launcher

    This article was originally posted on The IWI 40x46mm Low-Velocity UBGL/Standalone Grenade Launcher has been around for a few years but this is the first time we were able to actually get our hands on the launcher at TFB. Available for LE/Military customers worldwide, the launcher is designed to lock onto the bayonet lug […] More

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    Amend2 Introduces Glock Magazines

    This article was originally posted on Originally known for their AR15 magazines with floor plate retainer in the shape of a bright red “2”, the Idaho based company Amend2 has introduced an entire line of Glock magazines as a part of SHOT 2018. The magazines use a glass fiber filled nylon magazine frame (no internal […] More

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