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    Retay Arms Inertia Plus Shotgun Action Explained

    This article was originally posted on Earlier we have reported that Retay Arms Masai Mara shotgun will become available for the US market. Among a number of advertised features, there is one which is especially interesting. It is their Inertia Plus system. The name of the system itself hints that there is something more than an […] More

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    Retay Arms Announces Availability of Masai Mara Shotgun in the USA

    This article was originally posted on Retay Arms LTD SI announced that the company would now offer the Masai Mara shotgun to customers in the United States of America. The Masai Mara is a semi-automatic shotgun that uses the company’s Inertia Plus Locking System for operation. According to Retay Arms, the system is extremely reliable […] More