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    How To Buy A Handgun In Rhode Island

    Below, we’ll look at a guide on how to buy a handgun in Rhode Island, but before we do so, is there any difficult law specific to this city in New England?  I would say no, as there are very few restrictions on handgun acquisition in the state. Let’s walk through the process of becoming […] More

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    7 mistakes to avoid when starting your concealed carry journey

    This article was originally posted on A church security team undergoes formal training (Photo: J. Grubb) As a concealed carry instructor in a state that requires training and follow-up qualifications every 24 months, I’ve heard many people express regret or demonstrate lack of readiness to exercise what my open carry state considers to be […] More

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    Sig Sauer Launches the New P365 and More

    This article was originally posted on The Sig Sauer P365 was one of the most talked about semi auto pistols to SHOT Show this year. TFB sat down with Sig’s media team and got the low-down on the newest member of the Sig Sauer family. The Elephant in the Room The very first thing […] More

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    Rothco Extends Thin Blue Line Clothing Lines

    This article was originally posted on The folks at Rothco have always produced quality gear, concealed carry clothing, and survival accessories. This year at SHOT Show 2018, they included a line of “Grey Man” concealed carry clothing as well. True Grey Man Concealed Carry Rothco’s media representative stated that the trend nowadays was towards […] More

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    Gear review: H&K VP9, three years later is it still great?

    This article was originally posted on The VP9 retains high rank in my range gun rotation after three years. (Photo: Team HB) Back in June 2015, I did a write-up on my then-new Heckler & Koch VP9. Since then, that pistol’s logged several thousand rounds. A handful of friends and students have purchased their […] More

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    Packin’ Neat Makes EDC Accessories for Practical Women

    This article was originally posted on Meet my new friend, Kristen. She’s the brains behind Packin’ Neat. Kristen grew tired having to purchase a new EDC handbag each time she purchased a new firearm. She and I agree that sometimes, women already have a handbag they enjoy carrying and don’t necessarily want to purchase […] More

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    Gun Tote’N Mamas Creates Beautiful and Practical EDC Handbags

    This article was originally posted on Many women say that most of the EDC pocketbooks look outdated and are impractical. Gun Tote’N Mama’s founder Claudie Chisholm is changing the EDC accessory marketplace for women. Great Things Come in Small Packages What Claudie lacks in stature, she makes up for in spunk! This is a […] More

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    USA1SHOT’s Handgun Stabilizer

    This article was originally posted on USA1SHOT  makes these injection-molded platforms that allow a shooter to non-permanently attach a brace to the grip of a handgun, while also attaching a Shockwave brace to the end of the brace itself. The majority of these buffer braces are permanently attached to the handgun stabilizer, lacking any […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] New Civilian Lab Brand from Hazard 4

    This article was originally posted on One issue that tactical gear makers have is trying to make their products blend in and looking anything other than tactical. Hazard 4 has been making the standard tan cases and gear for a number of years now but has finally jumped into the low-vis scene by creating […] More

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