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    FFD – Fast Fire Device Simulates Full Auto For Glock

    This article was originally posted on Here is an interesting device but it is shrouded in mystery. Colin Despins of Max Venom Product Group has a crowdfunding campaign to sell the Fast Fire Device (FFD). At the surface level, it looks like a Glock burst firing. Here is the video they have on their […] More

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    Check out this extremely efficient and effective EDC (VIDEO)

    This article was originally posted on [embedded content] Greg Wohler, CEO of Valkyrie Combat in Henderson, Nevada, gives us a breakdown of his extremely efficient and effective EDC. Wohler has over 18 years experience in the private security, law enforcement, and firearms industries. His company Valkyrie Combat, specializes in cerakoting and customizing firearms and […] More

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    Review: Archon Mfg Glock Compensator

    This article was originally posted on Having compensators on pistols is not exactly new. Competitors have been porting pistols for a very long time. Go look at any open division pistol in USPSA or IPSC. However, since the Roland Special came out, we have seen an increasing trend in compensators for Glocks. This has […] More

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    Frame Mounted Pistol Compensator Coming Soon

    This article was originally posted on Joel Pirela of Pirela Weapon’s Division is an avid knife fanatic and shooter. He and Nemesis Knives are collaborating on making a frame mounted pistol compensator. Compensators on pistols help counter act muzzle climb and are often attached to the gun using a threaded barrel. The benefit of […] More

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    Brazilian LE agencies shopping abroad for pistols

    This article was originally posted on After long decades of mainly using pistols locally made by Forjas Taurus, Brazilian LE agencies have been turning their attention to products from overseas manufacturers, mainly in the wake of multiple reports of technical/safety issues with the “bull brand” weapons. It should be recalled that IMBEL – Indústria […] More

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    BE MINE! Five Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

    This article was originally posted on For those of you who are out in the dating scene, I applaud you. In the midst of all that is the internet – Snapchat, Tinder, MySpace, etc – the casual-scene pitfalls would surely be too much for me to endure. Instead, TFB is reaching out to those […] More

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    Amend2 Introduces Glock Magazines

    This article was originally posted on Originally known for their AR15 magazines with floor plate retainer in the shape of a bright red “2”, the Idaho based company Amend2 has introduced an entire line of Glock magazines as a part of SHOT 2018. The magazines use a glass fiber filled nylon magazine frame (no internal […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Trijicon’s New Products for 2018

    This article was originally posted on Many new and improved products have been brought to market by Trijicon in the months leading up to SHOT 2018. Fans of the Trijicon HD iron sights will be happy to hear of the Trijicon HD XR night sights. The HD XR sights boast an expanded field of view and […] More

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    POTD: Spotted at SHOT: Gaston’s personal, one-of-a-kind Glock

    This article was originally posted on It isn’t every day one sees a Glock on an airport runway, let alone Gaston’s personal Glock.  Yet there I was, landing in Vegas for SHOT 2018 when I spied this one-of-a-kind Glock off the side of the taxiway at McCarran International Airport Here are the specs: Color: White […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] ETS Mag Loaders And Magazine Update

    This article was originally posted on ETS is best known for their translucent Glock magazines. Last year they came out with their CAM Loader magazine loader. I reviewed the CAM Loader last year. They have addressed one of the issues I had with the CAM Loader. The probem is that it only worked with […] More

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    Heckler & Koch G36 for Latvian National Guard

    This article was originally posted on Latvia’s armed forces and border guards are set to receive new Heckler & Koch G36s. On the 11th January, the Latvian Ministry of Defence issued a press release announcing the new contract with the German small arms manufacturer. The 7 year contract, worth 13 million Euros or $16 […] More

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