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    MEN-5/10 Less Lethal TASER-Style MINE!

    This article was originally posted on A Russian company called Gard Systems has introduced a prototype of a less-lethal mine called MEN-5/10 (МЭН-5/10). In case if there is a need to build a temporary fence or there is no time to establish permanent fencing solutions, this mine can be a handy tool. The MEN-5/10 mine […] More

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    Update: Russian GARD Less-Lethal Weapon System [Interpolitex 2017]

    This article was originally posted on Russian Interpolitex 2017 exhibition was full of various less lethal solutions. Particularly, we had a chance to see the Taser-style GARD less-lethal weapon. We’ve earlier wrote an article about it on TFB. In this article, we’ll talk about more features of this system. GARD is powered by a battery inside […] More