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  • Choosing Between the Short-barreled Rifle and Shotgun Image

    Choosing Between the Short-barreled Rifle and Shotgun

    Choosing between the short-barreled rifle and shotgun is a decision that you’ll have to make as a starter to firearm usage. Or you don’t have to be a starter anyway. Let’s see which to buy off you’re still on the fence regarding the duo.    Understanding the Technical Differences A short-barreled rifle is just what […] More

  • Best Firearms to Take to the Bathroom Image

    Best Firearms to Take to the Bathroom

    Seeing a list of the best firearms to take to the bathroom surely sounds surprising, does it not? But I assure you that there’s a good reason to take your gun to the bathroom (or restroom).  Think of it: how does every noise outside the bathroom sound when you’re in the bathroom? It sure sounds […] More

  • Best Online Marketplaces for Magazines Image

    Best Online Marketplaces for Magazines

    A firearm shopper who knows his onions well would go for these best online marketplaces for magazines 10/10 times instead of shopping with the local dealer. Why? Buying online trumps buying offline, no doubt. Here’s why. Why Try Out These Best Online Marketplaces for Magazines? For a start, the internet offers a nearly inexhaustible array […] More

  • Buying Your Firearms In Tennessee Image

    Buying Your Firearms In Tennessee

    Buying your firearms in Tennessee is pretty straightforward, although there are few regulations that you may find odd. Still, the state is relatively gun-friendly, so expect your relationship with your firearm to be easy and enjoyable. Here’s how to buy your gun as a Tennessean. Buying a Handgun in Tennessee Tennessee makes gun purchases quite […] More

  • Unique Gun Laws Across American States Image

    Unique Gun Laws Across American States

    Certain unique gun laws across American States may surprise, amuse, or leave you peeved. This is because gun rules are often similar in clauses across the US. Issues like the seal to conceal carry and places you can carry a gun to are usually the same throughout the country. But not in the states we […] More

  • Wyoming firearm laws image

    Wyoming Firearm Laws

    Wyoming firearm laws are some of the most tolerant you’ll find across the United States. The state prides itself as a peace-loving group of people and does not see the need for harsh laws regarding gun ownership. Let us look at all you need to know about firearms in Wyoming. Buying A Handgun According To […] More

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    A Highlight of Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show 2018 (VIDEO)

    This article was originally posted on [embedded content] Brand new guns were on display and used during the 13th Annual SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, which kicks off 2018’s Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas. During Monday’s event, a host of exhibitors show off their latest and greatest to outdoor […] More