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    Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry

    Plenty of people commit these common mistakes of concealed carry. Even I did! In fact, I put up this list to help new gun carriers and everyone else avoids these easy-to-make mistakes. Here we go. 3 Most Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry Lack of the Appropriate Mindset Concealed carry comes with a huge responsibility before […] More

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    Obtaining A Concealed Carry License In Washington DC

    Obtaining a concealed carry license in Washington DC has been a rollercoaster ride for several years, as it wasn’t until 2017 that the state decided on specific criteria and reached a decision on the issue.  As it stands, any citizen who meets all criteria will be issued a license to conceal carry in permitted areas. […] More

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    Black Bunker debuts Tribe ID Platform holster identification system

    This article was originally posted on Tribe ID Platform allows users to swap out patches to identify themselves via their holster. (Photo: Black Bunker) Black Bunker unveils its new Tribe ID Platform, a recognition system designed to give carriers the ability to communicate their identity via their holster. Crafted to work alongside the Fobus […] More

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    CNN Analyst Mocks Women’s Concealed Carry, Suggests It’s Impractical

    This article was originally posted on CNN Analyst and Former FBI Assistant Director Tom Fuentes caused quite a stir recently due to his comments on the practicality of teachers with concealed carry firearms in the classroom. Specifically, regarding female teachers and school faculty carrying concealed handguns throughout the day on their person. On February 24, […] More

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    Can Can Concealment brings innovative concealment options to women

    This article was originally posted on Can Can Concealment provides carry solutions for women who can’t always sport a belt and holster, delivering options like the Garter holster for thigh carry. (Photo: Can Can Concealment) Can Can Concealment is one of a series of companies specifically targeting women gun owners in the industry. With […] More

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    7 mistakes to avoid when starting your concealed carry journey

    This article was originally posted on A church security team undergoes formal training (Photo: J. Grubb) As a concealed carry instructor in a state that requires training and follow-up qualifications every 24 months, I’ve heard many people express regret or demonstrate lack of readiness to exercise what my open carry state considers to be […] More

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    Blackhawk launches new leather holsters

    This article was originally posted on Leather holsters hit Blackhawk’s 2018 holster lineup, offering antique or burnished brown. (Photo: Blackhawk) In an effort to appease gun owners who want the look and feel of a classic leather holster without the wait time, Blackhawk is rolling out two new leather holsters to Blackhawk dealers nationwide. […] More

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    Crimson Trace adds sub-compact Glock models to LaserGuard Pro lineup

    This article was originally posted on Sub-compact Glock models are getting the LaserGuard Pro treatment. (Photo: Crimson Trace) Crimson Trace introduces new LaserGuard Pro light/laser combos for sub-compact Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock pistols. Available in red or green, the LaserGuard Pro boasts a powerful laser sight paired with a 150 lumen LED […] More

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    Brownells’ Long Slide for Gen 3 Glock 19 available for pre-order

    This article was originally posted on Brownells adds a Long Slide for the Gen 3 G19 to its inventory of Glock accessories. (Photo: Brownells) Brownells gives the people what the want, releasing a full length long slide for the Glock 19 Gen 3. The Long Slide adds extra length to the G19 frame, delivering […] More

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    Alexo Athletica: Where athleisure women’s wear meets firearms

    This article was originally posted on Alexo Athletica means to “defend and help” and the active wear company aims to do that with its line of fashionable athleisure wear for women who concealed carry. (Photo: Alexa Athletica) Founder and CEO of Alexo Athletica, Amy Robbins, has a long history with guns. Hosting NOIR and […] More

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    Rothco Extends Thin Blue Line Clothing Lines

    This article was originally posted on The folks at Rothco have always produced quality gear, concealed carry clothing, and survival accessories. This year at SHOT Show 2018, they included a line of “Grey Man” concealed carry clothing as well. True Grey Man Concealed Carry Rothco’s media representative stated that the trend nowadays was towards […] More

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