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  • Picking the Ideal Safety Selector for Your AR-15 image

    Picking the Ideal Safety Selector for Your AR-15

    Despite the repeated emphasis on firearm safety, it is ironic that picking the ideal safety selector for your AR-15 is one of the most neglected aspects of gun enhancements.  The most common upgrades, among many AR-15 users, center on stocks, optics & trigger groups. And while these are all a part of what gives your […] More

  • Fixing the Commonest AR-15 Failures Image

    Fixing the Commonest AR-15 Failures

    Fixing the most common AR-15 failures does not have to be difficult. But, first off, shit happens regardless of the trigger you’re pulling. Everything fails — be it levers, handguns, bolt-actions & even almighty revolvers.  Today though, we’re focusing on the AR-15. The ArmaLite is one of the most innovative firearms in the world. But […] More

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    New Oberland Arms OA-15 M9 9×19 mm, and more for IWA

    This article was originally posted on The yearly exhibition IWA is very soon upon us, and the German firearms manufacturer Oberland Arms is releasing a new 9×19 mm semi-automatic rifle in AR15-style. It is called OA-15 M9 and comes with a 45 cm (17.7″) match barrel in Stainless steel made by Lothar Walther. Oberland […] More

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    Noveske Black Rifle Coffee Company – Special Edition

    This article was originally posted on Many great things have happened over a cup of coffee, and this Noveske Infidel rifle is no exception. According to Noveske they met with Black Rifle Coffee Company about 6 months ago, and decided to make a limited edition kit. How strong do you want your coffee? They […] More

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    TACTI-CALI: The Ledesma Arms Featureless AR Grip

    This article was originally posted on Owning a Modern Sporting Rifle behind enemy lines in California is quite a responsibility these days. As if training and rangetime in and of itself isn’t a big enough task for a rookie, I also have to plan my rifle conversion over to featureless. With that said, I am […] More

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    Brownells Titanium AR-15 and AR-10 Bolt Carrier Groups

    This article was originally posted on Recently we reported about the Brownells lightweight AR-15 bolt carrier groups. Shortly after releasing that product, Brownells has also announced that they are now making titanium AR-15 and AR-10 bolt carrier groups. As you know, titanium is very lightweight. As a matter of fact, their standard profile titanium AR-15 BCG is […] More

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    US Army’s SNES M.A.C.S Rifle Training Program

    This article was originally posted on Thanks to my friend Ben, he alerted me to this rare piece of retro gaming collecting. My friend collects rare video game items and in the world of Super Nintendo (SNES) the Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (M.A.C.S) is one of the top 5. Back in the 90’s when […] More

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    Pioneer Arms Corp Getting into the AR-15 Game

    This article was originally posted on It has been reported that Pioneer Arms Corp are working on an AR-15. The Polish defence publication, Milmag, recently reported that Poland’s Pioneer Arms Corp have unveiled prototypes of what will be their next product line. First established back in 2003, Pioneer Arms Corp currently offer 7.62x39mm AK rifles […] More

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    New Haenel Defense CR308 at EnforceTac & IWA 2018

    This article was originally posted on The Enforce TAC 2018 and IWA Outdoor Classics show 2018 is coming to Nurnberg as usual. At IWA, in hall 1, booth 331, you can discover C.G.Haenel’s product pallet. One of the news will be a new AR10 style rifle called the CR308. This is to complement the […] More

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    The Picatinny Mounted MK31 MOD 0 Pen Flare of Operation Enduring Freedom

    This article was originally posted on Unfortunately, an inevitable result of any large-scale military counter-insurgency operation are unintended, innocent civilian casualties otherwise known as collateral damage. The questions stated to military planners are not “If” but instead “When”. How any modern Infantry forces works through this sort of preparation can sometimes determine the difference […] More

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    The Springfield Armory SAINT AR-15 Pistol Goes for a Test-Drive

    This article was originally posted on Springfield Armory has been on a tear the last year with new iterations of the SAINT series of AR-15 firearms. First, Springfield Armory introduced the original SAINT model in October of 2016. They then followed up with an M-LOK free-float handguard version to many people’s delight. We at […] More

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    MARSOC NOT Interested in the M27… But the M38 Looks Promising

    This article was originally posted on A recently released Marine Corps Times article covers a discussion with a MARSOC spokesman who confirmed in no uncertain terms that the command was not interested in an M27 IAR procurement program. The reasons stated involved the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of MARSOC, working in confined quarters and requiring […] More

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