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    Armanov 9mm Case Gauge Box for 100 Rounds

    This article was originally posted on A European company called Armanov makes different firearm parts and accessories as well as reloading equipment. In this article, we’ll take a look at a case gauge box made by this company which makes the headspace checking of loaded ammunition a much faster process. Typical single round case gauges next […] More

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    Sig Sauer Launches the New P365 and More

    This article was originally posted on The Sig Sauer P365 was one of the most talked about semi auto pistols to SHOT Show this year. TFB sat down with Sig’s media team and got the low-down on the newest member of the Sig Sauer family. The Elephant in the Room The very first thing […] More

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    Federal Premium goes Further with NEW Hydra-Shok Deep Ammo

    This article was originally posted on Federal Premium recently went back to the drawing board to see if they could improve upon a time-tested standard for handgun defense loads. After extensive testing and some minor, meaningful changes they have developed the Hydra-Shok Deep defense load; an improved variant of the staple Hydra-Shok round. The […] More

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    Gear review: H&K VP9, three years later is it still great?

    This article was originally posted on The VP9 retains high rank in my range gun rotation after three years. (Photo: Team HB) Back in June 2015, I did a write-up on my then-new Heckler & Koch VP9. Since then, that pistol’s logged several thousand rounds. A handful of friends and students have purchased their […] More

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    Speer Acquires French National Police Ammunition Contract for the Foreseeable Future

    This article was originally posted on Speer has always been highly regarded for the hollow-point (HP) ammunition they are able to produce for law enforcement and civilian use. Similarly, the French National Police force is well respected throughout the world for their training and capabilities. It would only make sense that two organizations like […] More

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    Slow Motion Bullet Race by The Slow Mo Guys

    This article was originally posted on A popular YouTube channel called The Slow Mo Guys makes a variety of cool videos filmed with high-end slow motion cameras. Among their videos, there is a fair amount of gun-related ones too. Arguably one of the most interesting slow motion footages is to see the bullet in flight or […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Nighthawk and Agency Arms Agent Collaboration

    This article was originally posted on SHOT show always boasts a wide assortment of new gear, with 2018 being no exception.  Visiting the Nighthawk booth a particular pistol stood out with its new collaboration between Nighthawk, Hillbilly 223, and Agency Arms. These companies came together to produce the Agent 2. The Agent 1 was Agency’s first […] More

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    G.P.S Wild About Shooting, Range Bags

    This article was originally posted on In an age where everything has to be “Tactical”, GPS gets to the point (although the company does have some “tactical” themed lines”). The company was founded by a Trap and Skeet shooter who simply needed a better way to carry range equipment back and forth. What I’ve always […] More

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    US-Made FORGED AKs Coming SOON from Kalashnikov USA

    This article was originally posted on The sanctions on Russian companies have hit the American AK enthusiast hard – no longer can we import inexpensive Izhevsk Kalashnikovs to feed the beast. Yet, there is a silver lining: Domestic AK production is on the rise to meet the demand, and one company in particular is staking its […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Ops-Core’s New Fast SF Helmet Line

    This article was originally posted on Ops-Core is releasing a new line of Fast Helmets in both ballistic and carbon fiber. The ballistic version will first be released with an MSRP of $1700 and weighs lighter than its predecessor. A sales rep at the Ops-Core booth said the SF was 6% lighter when compared […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Cool Fire Trainer’s C02 Kit Systems

    This article was originally posted on Cool Fire Trainers is a handgun training product company that emerged out of training for competitive handgun shooting. They have rifle training system (more geared to LE carbine use), but it belongs to a separate company and isn’t apart from Cool Fire Trainer line of products. The Cool Fire […] More

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