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    MKE Rushes Delivery of MPT-76 Rifles

    This article was originally posted on In a show of patriotism Turkey’s state-owned small arms manufacturer MKEK (Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) has delivered the next batch of new MPT-76 rifles to the Turkish Army ahead of schedule. With staff reportedly working overtime the next shipment of MPT-76s was shipped out on 12th February. The […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Ascendance International .308 Winchester Breaching Ammunition

    This article was originally posted on Ascendance International has introduced the Dark Horse line of ammunition. This ammunition mainly consists of frangible rounds. However, among a selection of frangible loads, the company also showed a door breaching bullet loaded in the .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO) round. The door breaching via shooting the locks and hinges is almost […] More

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    NATO’s Forgotten First AK: The Madsen LAR

    This article was originally posted on The Cold War is famous as the squaring off of two superpowers: The United States, and the Soviet Union, and their duel-by-proxy in Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The standard rifles of each side, as well, became proxies: On the Soviet side, the famous AK-47 (more properly […] More