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    Armalite on the State of the Industry and What’s Coming in 2018

    This article was originally posted on During SHOT Show 2018, I asked Armalite, “What’s new for SHOW 2018?” While many companies brought new projects or talked about pending projects in the works, Armalite gave me an unexpected answer. Consistency is Key The representative at Armalite told me that they did not have any new […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Lithgow’s PRS Challenger: The LA105 Woomera

    This article was originally posted on In the Legacy Sports International booth at the 2018 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, Australian company Lithgow Arms brought out their precision rifle series dark horse, the LA105 Woomera. Based on the excellent Lithgow LA102 bolt action rifle platform, the LA105 features a custom American chassis from […] More

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    US Army’s XM1158 ADVAP Round REVEALED: Tungsten-Cored EPR-Based Design Is Cheaper, Quicker to Produce

    This article was originally posted on Until now, the US Army’s 7.62mm XM1158 Advanced Armor Piercing (ADVAP) round has been a mystery. The round, which was rumored to be the basis for the now-cancelled Interim Combat Service Rifle (ICSR) program, is supposed to allow existing weapons in the 7.62x51mm caliber to defeat advanced body […] More

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    Barrett Firearms Introduces REC10

    This article was originally posted on While Barrett Firearms Manufacturing is best known for their .50 BMG anti-materiel rifles they also produce a series of AR-based designs, the REC7, offering both piston and direct gas impingement systems. While the REC7 is chambered in 5.56×45 or 6.8 SPC, Barrett has unveiled the new REC10 which chambers […] More

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    NATO’s Forgotten First AK: The Madsen LAR

    This article was originally posted on The Cold War is famous as the squaring off of two superpowers: The United States, and the Soviet Union, and their duel-by-proxy in Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The standard rifles of each side, as well, became proxies: On the Soviet side, the famous AK-47 (more properly […] More

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    POF-USA opens brand new 27,000 square foot factory (VIDEO)

    This article was originally posted on [embedded content] On Veterans Day, Patriot Ordnance Factory invited friends and family to the grand opening of their new 27,000 square foot factory in Phoenix. Located at at 1492 Victory Lane, company president Frank DeSomma chuckled at the significance of the address number. “Fourteen ninety-two. Isn’t that when […] More

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    9x39mm: AR-15 for Moose? [Modern Intermediate Calibers 026.2]

    This article was originally posted on Previously, we compared the Russian 9x39mm subsonic sniper round to its Western counterparts, including the .300 AAC Blackout and the .45 ACP. As it stands now, the 9x39mm is a subsonic round only – no supersonic loads exist for it currently. But… What if they did? With the prospect […] More

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    .300 Blackout vs. 9x39mm: Russia’s Subsonic Brute [Modern Intermediate Calibers 026.1]

    This article was originally posted on Today’s Modern Intermediate Calibers will handle something a little different. While virtually all rounds we have looked at so far were designed primarily for supersonic use, today we will be taking a gander at the Russian 9x39mm round – a dedicated suppressed caliber designed exclusively for the subsonic […] More

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