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    Comp-Tac introduces new fits to eV2 holster

    Comp-Tac introduces fits for its eV2 AIWB holster. (Photo: Comp-Tac) Comp-Tac revamps its eV2 holster, adding new make and model fits for concealed carry style guns. The eV2 sports a wing to help with concealment. (Photo: Comp-Tac) Previously known as the eVade, the appendix carry eV2 holster now accommodates the following pistols: CZ P01, Glock […] More

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    Trumps’ Bump-Stocks Ban is a Bigger Danger for 2A than Most Realize

    Opinion Once President Trump is gone, and the next Obama/Clinton/Sanders, etc. holds the reins of the executive branch, there will be no legal barrier to the Attorney General “recognizing” the “danger” of all those “machine guns” in public hands, and criminalizing them with a scratch of a pen. USA – -( The Second Amendment means […] More

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    Prancer’s Perfect Pistols -The Firearm Blog

    Merry Christmas you filthy animals and thanks for putting up with more of our 12 Days Of TFB Christmas. If you can bear with me for a few more days I promise to leave you alone on December 25th (maybe). Picking perfect pistols is a personal and polarizing topic of discussion. Some of you are […] More

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    CZ Add New Pistols to their P-10 Line -The Firearm Blog

    Posted 4 hours ago in Daily News, Pistols by Matthew Moss with No CommentsTags: CZ, CZ P-10, CZ P-10 C, pistols CZ’s new P-10 F (CZ) Česká zbrojovka have unveiled some new firearms for 2019, while the new guns aren’t yet available in the US they have appeared in CZ’s Europe catalogue. Three new additions […] More

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    Meet the U.S. Army’s New Pistol for Civilians, SIG SAUER P320-M17

    SIG SAUER P320-M17 U.S.A. –-( The fighting guns of the United States Army holds a special significance to nearly all groups in our country. Some despise them and others hold them in reverence. In the gun world, we tend to do both, but for our own reasons. Today we are looking at the civilian version […] More

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    Shoulder-Fired S5K Rockets -The Firearm Blog

    The S5 rocket family is unguided Soviet-made air-to-ground rockets and which comes in different warhead variants, primarily S5M (fragmentation warhead) and S5K (HEAT) warhead. The rocket is 55mm caliber but launched from 57mm tube, and is normally used by jet fighters, bombers and helicopters. You can learn more about the rocket design and construction at: […] More

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