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    CZ Bobwhite G2 -The Firearm Blog

    A Side by side for a SXS While they might be Elmer Fudd’s gun of choice, side by side shotguns aren’t that common in America anymore, mostly due to the fact that many of the good ones are quite expensive.  Those that aren’t, such as the Stoeger Coach Gun, have deficiencies such as poor stock […] More

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    Bipartisan Gun Seizure Bill Promised in Congress ::

    A so-called “red flag” bill to allow for temporary gun seizures is being developed in a joint effort between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate. U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., have crossed the aisle to put the finishing touches on a proposed Emergency Risk Protection Order statute that would allow […] More

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    JP Enterprises Offers Details on Eye-Catching MR-19 Rifle ::

    JP Enterprises elevated the TriggrCon show floor, showing off some innovative, eye-catching rifle parts and firearms. Leading the pack in new innovations is the Ultralight 9mm Shrouded Barrel. Perfect for PCCs, the JP 9mm Ultralight Barrel features a 5.5-inch steel construction extended to reach 16-inches in order to comply with ATF regulations. The 1-in-10-inch button rifled […] More

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    New Jersey Mag Ban Case Update & the NRA Inside Report

    New Jersey Mag Ban Case Update & the NRA Inside Report New Jersey – -( Earlier this week, the lower federal court assigned to ANJRPC’s legal challenge to New Jersey’s magazine ban upheld the state’s gun magazine ban. That ban (on magazines that can hold over 10 rounds) went into effect in December of last […] More

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    Are Solvent Trap Kits A Good Idea?The Firearm Blog

    Welcome back to another edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where dreams come true (after paying your $200 to the Crown). Last week we used the Dead Air Odessa and Wolfman as examples of two types of modular suppressors. As the story goes, it all comes down to you mission requirements – that’s a fancy way […] More

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    Kicking off National Shooting Sports Month ::

    National Shooting Sports Month, the annual month-long event dedicated to America’s gun-owning public and the sport they love, is now underway. Originally an initiative of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the month-long event is dedicated to the 50 million people who participate in hunting and sports shooting which, through Pittman-Robertson excise taxes, fuels conservation and […] More

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