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    Bad Shooting And Common Causes Of It

    Bad shooting happens to everyone. No one is born a perfect shooter; even Annie Oakley had to work her way up. Even expert marksman are still never completely satisfied with their shooting abilities. There’s always room to improve handgun shooting skills. And in the world of concealed carry, it’s all the more important to address […] More

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    OSG’s Subscription, Streaming Service “MyOutdoorTV” Launches on ROKU

    MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) DENVER – (Ammoland.Com) – Outdoor Sportsman Group continues to grow its exclusive, global, subscription-based, streaming service MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) with its launch on streaming platform leader Roku.The announcement was made today by Outdoor Sportsman Group President and CEO, Jim Liberatore.  MOTV boasts more than 10,000 exclusive episodes from its constantly-growing library of programs from Outdoor Channel, […] More

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    [TriggrCon 2018] Accessories, Part 1

    Arriving at the start of  2018 TriggrCon, I learned a couple of things right away. First, no matter how you try to plan for a large group of people to arrive at a remote venue, it will not go as smoothly as intended (we had some confusion finding the staging location for Range Day). The second […] More

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    [TriggrCon 2018] Accessories Part 2

    Industry and Media Day ended up being a success despite some more organizational hiccups along the way. Started with a long security line, with metal detectors and bag checks. Yes, going to Triggercon, and we were not allowed to bring anything with triggers! Also no sharp pointy things either. Oh well, it was a good […] More

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    Testing the infamous M1918 Chauchat: What could go wrong? (VIDEOS)

    While early light machine guns were finicky, the French Chauchat machine rifle, especially in U.S. Army service, has a special place in gun lore. Designed by Louis Chauchat and Charles Sutter, more than 250,000 of these 20-pound high-volume weapons were cranked out– mostly in 8x50mmR Lebel as it was French. Although the excellent Lewis machine […] More

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