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    Battle of the .45ACP ::

    The Black Hills .45 ACP takes on the Hornady .45 ACP in this head-to-head. (Photo: Josh Wayner/ The .45 ACP is one of the most popular and storied cartridges in American history. While other calibers have come and gone, the .45 ACP has remained, never losing relevance. It boasts a very high bullet mass and […] More

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    USCCA vs CCW Safe

    USCCA vs CCW Safe USCCA vs CCW Safe I am looking for a CCW insurance policy. Those of you who choose to get concealed carry insurance, which of the two companies above did you pick and why did you pick them over the other? Do you know of any other coverage options through other organizations? […] More

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    New Bergara B-14R .22LR Precision Training Rifle ::

    The new Bergara B-14R is pitched to those who want a full-sized 22LR trainer for use in NRL22 and PRS .22 competition matches or to complement their long-range precision rifle. (Photos: Bergara) Bergara recently announced its new B-14R, a .22LR built on a full-scale Remington 700 footprint, is now shipping. A complement to the company’s […] More

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    Inconvenient Truths About Guns and Gun Control

    Virginia Governor Ralph Northam nra-ila image U.S.A. –-( Politicians and journalists often portray fiction as fact. It is easy to be opinionated, but hard to be informed. This came to mind as I listened to Virginia Democrats tell us we’d be safer if we were disarmed. What is the truth about gun-control laws? What politicians […] More

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    The 6 Best Beretta 9mm Pistols

    The 6 Best Beretta 9mm Handguns Beretta is one of the biggest brands of pistols, but which are the best Beretta 9mm guns to get for the neophyte? After all, you have to get your toe in the water somewhere. […] More

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