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    Winchester Delivers Historic First Lake City Army Ammunition Shipment

    The first shipment of Lake City ammunition has been delivered to the US Army. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -( EAST ALTON, Ill. (October 14, 2020) — Winchester announces its first shipment of ammunition to the U.S. government left the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant yesterday. Semitrailers filled with 50 caliber and 5.56 ammunition are bound for […] More

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    Modlite Releases ModButton Lite -The Firearm Blog

    Posted 4 hours ago in Daily News, Flashlights by Nicholas C with No CommentsTags: laser, ModButton, Modlite, remote tapeswitch, surefire Modlite has become the go-to weapon light for people who want the best performance. Their PLH and OKW outperform any other weapon light on the market for the same size package. They are based on […] More

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    Dry firing article

    Dry firing article Dry firing article In your article on dry fire practice. I always herd that dry firing a gun could damage the firing pin. Is that not true anymore or is there something else you need to do not to damage the firing pin?    Tags for this Thread Posting Permissions You may […] More

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    Guide to Drop Leg Holsters

    Drop Leg Holsters For Open Carry, Range Day, Hunting Or Any Other Use! Everything You Need To Know About Drop Leg And Thigh Carry Holsters One of the best methods for open carry is using drop leg holsters. Also […] More

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    Wyoming Firearm Laws

    Wyoming firearm laws are some of the most tolerant you’ll find across the United States. The state prides itself as a peace-loving group of people and does not see the need for harsh laws regarding gun ownership. Let us look at all you need to know about firearms in Wyoming. Buying A Handgun According To […] More

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    The Clary’s Review The Real Avid Level Right Pro Device

    The Real Avid Level Right Pro makes mounting optics properly a breeze. IMG Real Avid U.S.A. -( Mounting a new scope on a rifle is never much fun. After you get the eye relief distance set you then work on about leveling the reticle. Therein lies the source of many scope problems. Most shooters believe […] More

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    SILENCER SATURDAY #146: Join, Or Die – The Honey Badger Pistol Brace Good afternoon readers and thanks for joining us for another edition of Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new R9 suppressor. Last week we got a peek at impressively quiet, integrally suppressed, bolt action 9mm rifle from […] More

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    Hmmmmm, now who do we have here???

    That is Barack Obama – the other is Michael Robinson aka Michelle Obama at Barry’s bathhouse in Chicago. Michael is the name on the birth certificate and the hospital records show his mother gave birth to him and his brother. There’s so much out there but media works at erasing it. But many got the […] More

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