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    Five Timeless Lever-Action Rifles for Hunting ::

    Some guns are fancy collector pieces, too nice or historically important to take afield with regularity. Others are shooters built for hard use but lacking class and unlikely to be remembered in a hundred years. In the world of lever-actions, there are five that reach across all categories. Grab one of these timeless lever-actions for […] More

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    The Importance Of Segregating Ammo

    If you are one who has a wide assortment of firearms, then you need to make sure that you segregate your ammo, not only to keep you safe, but to make sure your firearm offers the best performance. When shooting for practice, or shooting for competition, many shooters will have several different pistols with different […] More

  • right to bear arms

    Protecting Our Liberties And Our Right To Bear Arms

    Over the years, there have been various shootings in the news that once again fire up the debate of the American Constitution and the right to bear arms.  As such, the US Supreme Court has rules, in the past eleven years alone, that our right arms are a liberty that was here long before the […] More

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    Where It Is Legal To Constitutional Carry In The US

    The phrase “constitutional carry” means, within the fifty United States, that an individual is permitted to carry a weapon without having a license or permit.  The term itself was birthed from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which declared that citizens had the right to bear arms. As of this writing, there are twelve […] More

  • make your own ammo

    How to Make Your Own Ammo

    Whether you are looking to save a little money or have a supply on hand, making your own ammo is a handy ability to have.  Many gun owners shy away from making their own ammo either out of cost or caution.  However, handloading your own ammo can be both a safe and cost-effective endeavor. It […] More

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    Wearing a mask while carrying…

    Wearing a mask while carrying… Wearing a mask while carrying…    Are you asking a question? Some states have a law that forbids wearing a mask while carrying. If you are asking about that, read the actual law. It may contain a phrase like, “with intention to conceal one’s identity”. If you are wearing a […] More

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    Guns of the Grunt 1776-2020

    Back-to-back World War champs and arguably the strongest military in the world, America’s Soldiers have carried a wide array of rifles in the past 244 years. Colonial origins Going as far back as the matchlocks carried by settlers at Sir Walter Raleigh’s short-lived Lane Colony in 1585, America had a gun culture. According to early […] More

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    An Important Message to All Americans on Independence Day 2020 #GUNVOTE

    An Important Message to All Americans on Independence Day 2020 #GUNVOTE U.S.A. –-( “Americans have the right and the advantage of being armed—unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms ~James Madison.” Federalist 46 Dear Fellow Americans: As we approach the celebration on Independence Day this coming […] More

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    Steiner DBAL-A4 All-In-One MFAL -The Firearm Blog

    When shooting with night vision it is a lot easier to shoot with an infrared laser than it is to shoot passively looking through an optic like a red dot. You have better situational awareness and a clearer sight picture. There are only a handful of trusted manufacturers that make MFAL (Multi-Function Aiming Lasers) and […] More

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