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    A Fresh Take on Firearm Safety Videos Debuts ::

    The central message of the new series, made in conjunction with the NSSF and BJA, is that while there are different reasons to own a gun, the common thread among them must be a commitment to responsibly store firearms. (Photo: Chris Eger/ Project Childsafe has announced a new series of videos aimed at diverse demographics […] More

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    Savage Updates MSR 15 Recon with Longer LRP Series Rifles

    The new Savage MSR 15 Recon LRP have longer barrels and more caliber offerings than the legacy Recon series. (Photos: Savage Arms) Offered in .224 Valkyrie, .22 Nosler, and 6.8 SPC, Savage‘s new MSR 15 Recon LRP rifles are designed to stretch the platform’s performance envelope. All Recon LRP models feature a Melonite QPQ 18-inch […] More

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    Bear Creek Arsenal Bear Essential Rifle Review ~ VIDEOS

    By Graham Baates YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video review of the Bear Creek Arsenal Bear Essential Rifle in .223W. Bear Creek Arsenal Bear Essential Rifle Review USA – -( Panic buys of the Obama era made the AR-15 an incredibly common rifle.  Whether they were interested or not thousands bought their first […] More

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    Jessie Harrison Takes Home Ninth Ladies Open Title ::

    Proud to report that I captured two more National titles at the 2019 US Steel Nationals! Winning the Overall Single Stack title and High Lady Open! Thank you to Taurus USA for supporting the event as title sponsor, all other match sponsors, and my sponsors who continue to support me! Next match on the schedule […] More

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    The Difference Between 70 Series and 80 Series

    On a pistol that has been around for 108 years, there are a bunch of generations, and here is the easiest way to tell the main difference between the 70 and 80 Series. Justin Baldini, product director for Colt, covers the evolutionary process between the two. It’s a major difference to 1911 fans, with many […] More

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    Hawaii Butterfly Knife Ban Challenged on Second Amendment Grounds

    If the government can get away with banning this tool, what won’t it be able to infringe on? (Photo credit: Iamthawalrus) U.S.A. – -( “Knives are arms protected by the Second Amendment,” a complaint filed Wednesday in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii contends. The case is Andrew Teter and James Grell, […] More

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