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US State Reports Sudden Surge in COVID-19

United States: The recent Respiratory Disease Activity dashboard has revealed that the COVID-19 linked activities have seen sudden surge in the states of the United States. The surge has been reported by the Hawaii State Department’s Respiratory Disease Activity dashboard, which has unveiled a resurgence in COVID-19 incidences.

This newly introduced dashboard elucidates the prevailing statistics concerning COVID-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus across the archipelago, according to the reports by

CDC cautions about an emergent COVID variant, FLiRT

Health authorities from the Department of Health (DOH) note that respiratory maladies are a perennial presence in Hawaii. Currently, COVID-19 activity is classified under the “yellow” phase, signifying a moderate level of activity. Conversely, both influenza and RSV are within the “green” phase, indicating minimal activity.

“The new Respiratory Disease dashboard provides, in one place, a summary of what is happening with several major respiratory viruses that contribute to respiratory disease in Hawai‘i. This helps people make informed decisions about their health. This week, the dashboard shows that COVID-19 test positivity is higher than expected and climbing and that ED (emergency department) visits and hospital admissions for COVID-19 are also going up. Based on this information, I would recommend checking whether you’ve had the 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine, and if not, or if you’re eligible for a repeat dose, go get it today,” as highlighted by the State Epidemiologist – Sarah Kemble, as highlighted by

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been monitoring two novel COVID-19 variants, with particular attention to FLiRT, which is currently the most prevalent strain in Hawaii.

Dr Douglas Kwock from Hawaii Pacific Health assures that the current COVID vaccine, formulated to counter the omicron variant, is also effective against FLiRT. Health officials emphasize that COVID-19 continues to pose a significant health threat.

The public is urged to adopt the following measures to mitigate the risk of illness:

– Ensure your COVID vaccinations are current

– Refrain from participating in activities while symptomatic and only resume after being fever-free for at least 24 hours

– Utilize masks indoors if experiencing or recovering from COVID-19 symptoms to prevent transmission to others

– Conduct self-testing for COVID-19 to determine if treatment is necessary.

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