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Trump Holds Lead Over Biden in Latest Fox News Poll

United States: Amidst the electorate, the ex-President Trump holds a mere 1-point advantage over President Biden, as per a recent national survey by Fox News.

The survey indicates Trump garners 49 percent backing among registered voters in a hypothetical showdown, marking a 1-point climb from Biden’s 48 percent.

When incorporating other contenders like the independent figures Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, Trump’s lead over Biden stretches to 3 points among registered voters, with 43 percent favoring Trump against Biden’s 40 percent, as reported by Fox News. 

Polls convey a nuanced narrative on whether Kennedy’s inclusion and other third-party aspirants will dent Trump or Biden’s prospects. This particular survey hints at Kennedy siphoning more support from Biden.

Ultimately, the third-party contenders could wield substantial influence in pivotal states such as Michigan, where Kennedy’s name graces the ballot. Kennedy, securing the lion’s share of third-party endorsements in surveys, endeavors to secure a spot on ballots nationwide.

The Fox News poll further unveils that a staggering 68 percent of registered voters harbor an “extreme” fervor to cast their ballots in this year’s presidential race. A fraction of 15 percent expresses “high” motivation, while 10 percent indicate a “moderate” degree of motivation, and 6 percent confess to a total absence of motivation, Fox News reported. 

Republican Frontrunner for 2024 Presidential Election – Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images

Conducted from May 10-13 under the supervision of Beacon Research and Shaw & Company Research, the Fox News poll encapsulates insights from 1,126 registered voters, with a margin of sampling error pegged at plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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