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Trump Holds 4-Point Lead Over Biden in Swing States: Poll

United States: The former President Trump maintains a lead over President Biden in various swing states by a margin of 4 points, as per a recent survey unveiled this week.

The study conducted by Bloomberg/Morning Consult revealed that in a hypothetical rematch between Trump and Biden spanning seven battleground states – encompassing Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – the former president secured 48 percent of the ballot compared to Biden’s 44 percent, as per The Hill.

Even with the inclusion of third-party and independent contenders Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein, Trump persisted with a 4-point advantage over the incumbent, holding 44 percent of the vote as opposed to Biden’s 40 percent. Kennedy amassed 7 percent of the votes, while West and Stein each accrued a mere 1 percent, according to the survey’s findings.

These results echo those of a recent poll by The New York Times, which delineated Trump leading Biden by varying margins – 3 percentage points in Pennsylvania, 5 points in Michigan, 7 points in Arizona, 10 points in Georgia, and 12 points in Nevada. However, in Wisconsin, the current president maintained a slim 2-point lead over Trump.

Although Biden emerged victorious in all six states during the 2020 election, his margins were not substantial.

Moreover, the Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll illuminated a prevailing sentiment among swing state voters that the country’s economy thrived more under the Trump administration.

Approximately 51 percent of registered voters surveyed opined that the economy prospered under the former president’s tenure. Conversely, around 36 percent of voters believed it fared better under Biden, with 13 percent perceiving it to be relatively consistent under both administrations, according to The Hill.

Conversely, a higher proportion of respondents expressed faith in Biden’s ability to tackle climate change issues. Roughly 47 percent of those polled indicated trust in the incumbent to address environmental concerns, in contrast to Trump’s 34 percent. Approximately 15 percent remained impartial.

Voters can anticipate a clash of policy agendas between Biden and Trump in the near future, with both swiftly agreeing to engage in two debates, scheduled for the end of June.

Conducted between May 7th and 13th, the Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll sampled 4,962 registered voters across the seven swing states, with a margin of error of plus or minus one percentage point.

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