New COVID-19 Variants Spark Concerns Amid Rising ER Visits and Fatalities

New COVID-19 Variants Spark Concerns Amid Rising ER Visits and Fatalities

United States: The new variants of COVID-19 has raised multiple concerns, the health authorities have also noticed an increase in the number of emergency room visits and fatalities linked to SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The experts have outlined that as of now, the total number of fatalities and hospitalizations linked to COVID-19 are low – as compared to previous surges. However, they have anticipated that an increase will be noticed during the summer.

The stats by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have outlined that between June 16 and 22 approximately 23 percent of escalation in the emergency room visits was reported. Along with this, around 14.3 percent rise has been reported in COVID-19 related deaths, according to the reports by

Genomic scrutiny of the prevalent virus strains suggests that the surge in infections is largely driven by the novel FLiRT variants, specifically KP.3 and KP.2, which constitute over half of the current cases.

Alterations in the dominant viral strains are anticipated, as stated by the CDC. The FLiRT variants do not appear to provoke more severe illness, but sore throats are the predominant symptom among those testing positive for these variants. This could potentially lead to misdiagnoses, attributing the symptoms to other viral infections.

In Ohio, the weekly increase in new COVID-19 cases continues unabated. The number of new cases rose from 1,745 to 2,049, marking the fifth consecutive week of escalation, according to the Ohio Department of Health. This rise occurred despite data being reported a day earlier than usual due to the Thursday holiday.

Ohio’s case numbers have been climbing since early June, following a downward trend that began in early January.

To date, at least 1,376,150 Ohioans have received the updated single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, an increment of 1,350 individuals from the previous week, representing 11.8% of the state’s populace, as reported by

Since early 2020, Ohio’s total COVID-19 case count has reached 3,756,672.

June 27 Ohio COVID-19 Update:

  – New cases: 1,745

  – Updated vaccinations: 1,521

  – New deaths: 9

  – New hospitalizations: 84

  – New ICU admissions: 1

Recent Statistics:

– Total reported cases: 3,756,672 (up 2049)

– Updated vaccinations: 1,376,150 (up 1,350)

– Total reported deaths: 44,018 (up 8)

– Total reported hospitalizations: 151,878 (up 83)

– Total reported ICU admissions: 15,821 (up 1)

The increase in hospitalizations saw 83 new admissions in the last week, pushing the cumulative total since 2020 to 151,878. ICU admissions rose by one, reaching 15,821. The state also reported eight additional COVID-19 deaths, bringing the total to 44,018, with death reporting often experiencing delays of several weeks.

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