CDC Warns of Rising Dengue Infections in the US

CDC Warns of Rising Dengue Infections in the US

United States: The CDC issues a warning about heightened dengue virus infections in the United States, correlating with a significant surge in cases across the Americas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has promulgated an alert cautioning health practitioners and the general populace regarding the heightened peril of dengue virus infections within the United States, as per the reports by CIDRAP News.

This advisory emerges amid an unprecedented escalation in the Americas, with the region documenting over 9.7 million cases this year—double the aggregate reported throughout 2023.

In March, Puerto Rico proclaimed a public health emergency in response to an early surge in dengue activity, reporting nearly 1,500 cases to date. Furthermore, the CDC has observed an anomalously high incidence of travel-related dengue cases among US travelers, with 745 infections reported thus far this year.

Transmission persists in certain US states and territories, with sporadic cases and outbreaks manifesting in various locales.

Sporadic Cases in Florida:

The Florida Department of Health has identified eight localized cases this year across three counties: Miami-Dade (6), Pasco (1), and Hillsboro (1), according to the latest arbovirus surveillance report. The latest case was recorded in Hillsboro County, according to CIDRAP.

The health agency has further outlined that the increasing temperature will provide an appropriate habitat for mosquitoes – raising their capacity to transmit dengue. The experts have also expected that the US summer travel period will coincide with increased dengue activity in various countries. 

High index of suspicion in patients must be prepared, CDC has urged. In addition to this, it encouraged the public to adopt measures to avoid mosquito bites and control mosquito populations both indoors as well as outdoors.

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