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Biden’s Approval Rating Hits Lowest Point in Nearly Two Years

United States: In the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, President Joe Biden’s public approval rating has plummeted to its lowest point in nearly two years, marking the lowest rating he has received since assuming office. The poll, spanning four days and concluding on Monday, indicates that only 36 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as President, down from 38 percent in April.

A decline even within the poll’s margin of error might be a cause for concern for Biden, particularly given that he has competition from Republican Donald Trump in the impending presidential election slated for November 5, Reuters has noted.

In fact, national polls indicate that Biden is up to the challenge but in particular swing states polls display the President holding an ever so slight lead over Biden. Here, it is possible to mention some of Biden’s flaws and virtues with the focus on economy, political extremism, and immigration as the most significant issues which concern 23 percent, 21 percent, and 13 percent of the respondents, respectively.

Interestingly, 40 percent of respondents believe Trump has better economic policies compared to 30 percent who favor Biden. Trump also enjoys a significant advantage over Biden on the issue of immigration, with 42 percent of respondents preferring his approach. Conversely, Biden holds a slight edge on the issue of political extremism, with 34 percent of respondents favoring his approach, Reuters mentioned. 

President of the US – Joe Biden | Credits: The New York Times

Furthermore, respondents favor Trump’s approach to foreign conflicts and terrorism, with 36% supporting Trump compared to 29 percent for Biden. The state of the US economy remains a critical factor influencing Biden’s reelection chances, with concerns about rising consumer prices and Biden’s age, at 81, also contributing to voter concerns, according to Reuters.

In addition, a separate Reuters/Ipsos poll this month revealed that many Democrats disapprove of Biden’s handling of Israel’s conflict with Hamas militants. However, this poll did not specifically inquire about Americans’ approval of Biden’s support for Israel’s war effort in Gaza, which has caused significant divisions among Democrats, Reuters reported. 

Regarding the current President of the United States of America, who is 77 years, Trump, he is currently facing four criminal prosecution; there is the New York criminal trial concerning the hush money charges waiting for a conclusion. 

Trump also recently chose not to testify in the case that was sample on charges of filing false business reports. The remaining two cases in relation to his are linked with his bid to overturn the defeat of Biden on the February 3 2020.

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