Wyoming Firearm Laws

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Wyoming firearm laws are some of the most tolerant you’ll find across the United States. The state prides itself as a peace-loving group of people and does not see the need for harsh laws regarding gun ownership. Let us look at all you need to know about firearms in Wyoming.

Buying A Handgun According To Wyoming Firearm Laws

Compared to other states, handgun acquisition is relatively simpler in Wyoming. You do not have to secure a purchase permit before you can buy a handgun, meaning that you only have to follow the federal firearm laws to secure your desired pistol.

To purchase a handgun legally in Wyoming, you must:

  • be at least 21;
  • own a legal state ID; and 
  • have a clean background check that will be conducted by a licensed gun dealer.

However, if you prefer to buy your pistol from a private seller rather than the local store, the background check can be skipped. Of course, you will not get that smell of steel that comes with a new gun should you use this option. 

You may find it interesting that you can avoid the background check even if you buy from a licensed firearms trader or the local store. This requires that you present a Wyoming CFP — concealed firearms permit — at the point of purchase. This will save you some time, which may be noteworthy if you’re buying a lot of guns.

Other Conditions That May Disallow You From Firearm Ownership

Some conditions disable you from owning a gun, even if every criterion mentioned above is met. This is due to Wyoming’s unrelenting efforts to ensure that only the safest hands get their hands on a firearm. Wyoming prohibits you from owning a gun if you:

  • are a fugitive of the law;
  • misuse of controlled substances illegally;
  • have been found guilty of and punished for a crime that warrants imprisonment for more than a year;
  • have been legally recognized as mentally incompetent or defective, or have been admitted to a mental institution;
  • have renounced your American citizenship;
  • are an illegal immigrant or alien;
  • were dismissed from the American Armed Forced on dishonorable charges;
  • have been convicted of domestic violence or misdemeanor crime;
  • have a restraining order against you.

The list is quite exhaustive, but so long as none of these conditions concern you, you’re good to get your pistol in Wyoming.

Where Are You Going To?

Now, hold up: where do you think you’re headed to?! Wyoming allows you to carry firearms, concealed or not, without a permit, but this does not permit you to carry your guns along everywhere you go. Sorry: your gun is prohibited in some places, even if you have a permit.

In Wyoming, you are forbidden to carry a gun in: 

  • the Capitol building; 
  • schools;
  • jails & state penal institution;
  • courtrooms;
  • state hospitals; and
  • any place with displays prohibiting firearms.

In addition to these, buildings with metal detectors at the entrance most probably won’t let you carry a gun in, like stores and restaurants with signposts posted outside. In these situations, the best option is to keep your firearm in a safe, hidden place, say a gun safe in your car.

Finalizing Wyoming Firearm Laws

If you’ve tried buying a gun in some states, you’ll agree that Wyoming firearm laws are quite simple. However, this laxity does not mean that there are cases of wrongful gun ownership in the state; if anything, this seemingly eased up approach ensures that the state remains very peaceful. There is trust among the citizens. 

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