Where Can You Use Your Stun Gun?

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“Where can you use your stun gun” remains one of the most commonly asked questions among people looking for an alternative to Glocks & AR-15s. 

A couple of states have placed restrictions on buying & using stun guns. As it stands, the purchase & use of stun guns is prohibited in 9 states. In some cases, these states have made them completely illegal, while others impose ordinary restrictions. 

Let’s see some of the states whose stun gun laws you should be familiar with.

Important State Laws to Know About Stun Gun

It is legal to have stun guns in Connecticut, but there are certain restrictions. In Illinois, a stun gun inert must own a FOID card, which is equally needed for using guns. This card has to be valid too. In Columbia, they are illegal to purchase or use. 

In Chicago, Hawaii, New York City, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Baltimore & New Jersey, stun guns are restricted. They are meanwhile restricted but legal in Wisconsin — this means you can move with the weapon if encased & so can you have it in your home or business office. 

In certain states where stun guns are allowed, there are some cities in which it is illegal to buy & use them. As it stands, the cities that ban stun guns are Philadelphia, The District of Columbia, Maryland (Baltimore), Chicago (Baltimore), Denison (Crawford County) & Annapolis (Maryland).

Besides, plenty of countries have placed some restrictions on the use & purchase of stun guns. Presently, stun guns are prohibited in 13 countries. They include the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Japan, Sweden & Switzerland.

Tips for Choosing a Stun Gun

When you’re buying a stun gun, you have to consider what will serve you best. Here are the factors to consider when buying a stun gun.

  • Voltage: The higher the voltage of a gun, the more powerful it is. They come with different voltages, but whatever comes with at least 800 000 volts is deadly enough. Pulling the trigger of a stun gun makes a cracking sound that’s accompanied by blue light. Typically, this should scare off an attacker, but if he proceeds, welcome to the shock!
  • Style: Stun guns can be as small as a cell phone or flashlight, or it may be as long as 10-18”. A smaller choice will need you to get close with the assailant, and this can be inadvisable. The longer baton, meanwhile, needs some closeness too but not as close as the other. 
  • Extras: Stun guns come with various specs to make usage more convenient. A product with extra features will give you more value for your buck. Get a stun gun that comes with alarms, flashlights & disabling pins that give you an extra level of safety. The disabling pin is an especially good addition. This helps you pull out a pin of the device if the assailant manages to pull the device out of your hand.

So, Where Can You Use Your Stun Gun?

So, again comes the million-dollar question: where can you use your stun gun? But this time, not with its mystery. We have highlighted the states to watch out for above as American citizens. A stun gun may not be for you — unfortunately — if you live in any of those states. Or cities. 

What do you think?

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