Best Firearms to Take to the Bathroom

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Seeing a list of the best firearms to take to the bathroom surely sounds surprising, does it not? But I assure you that there’s a good reason to take your gun to the bathroom (or restroom). 

Think of it: how does every noise outside the bathroom sound when you’re in the bathroom? It sure sounds more amplified. And so, if you will be naked, wet & slippery from the soap in the bathroom, shouldn’t you be armed too?

There are several cases of people who have been attacked while having a jolly bath, while there are cases of people leaving the bathroom to find some of their possessions gone. 

3 Best Firearms to Take to the bathroom

Mossberg Shockwave JIC

The cool look of the Mossberg Shockwave JIC is enough to win a robber’s heart. You do know similar stainless-steel finishes are cool, right? Plus, this gun was designed to be used on ships, boats, or whatever because — I’m not sure — cool shotguns on a boat look really cool-cat?

This is a Marine Coated firearm that features a cerakote finish to provide extra protection from rust. There’s even a JIC tube for extra moisture protection. So, you can just leave this cool guy without his sunglasses (you know, I mean locked & loaded, right) in the water, expecting the bad guy who failed to call ahead. 

You may want to be careful with how you use the shower when your Mossberg JIC is chilling in there too. I know you enjoy cuddling with your girlfriend when the water is warm, but please, not with a loaded JIC nearby.

S&W Model 60-15

Stainless revolvers are cool, aren’t they! But few will work well when left in water daily. Well, here’s one that ticks both boxes and even kills when shot at a person. Surprising, right? The Model 60 is quite the prom king among revolvers.

The Model 60 comes in the traditional J frame form but, unlike other J guns, features a 3” barrel for improved ballistic performance. There’s a set of sights at the front & the rear. And to conclude, the handle is remarkably hearty & fills the hand well — just what is needed when you’re sloppy & wet all over. 

Remember that when you storm out that shower in your birthday suit, you want a firearm that can kill a bear with a shot & I don’t mean that figuratively.

Glock 19

If there’s anything I’ve learned from movies, it is that Glocks always fire — whether you’re underwater, or with its mouth full of sand, or with your hand covering the bullet exit point. 

Sounds funny, but that’s what the Glock Maritime Spring cups promise. This gun is sold only to the military & law enforcement, but hey, they can be bought anywhere.  

I’ve chosen the Glock 19 because it is just right. I mean, that’s one of the most popular Glock models & perhaps trusted. And when you’re coming out the bathroom naked with sod all over, you must carry a gun that fires — and trust the Glock 19 at all times.

Concluding the Best Firearms to Take to the Bathroom

You can’t take every gun to the bathroom. There’s the issue of shock, grip & hey, wouldn’t you want a cool gun when you charge butt naked out of the bathroom? Make your pick from these above-mentioned best firearms to take to the bathroom, after which I’d suggest that you place an “I take a gun to the bathroom” sign on your door just to be fair to the bad guys.

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