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    Where Can You Use Your Stun Gun?

    “Where can you use your stun gun” remains one of the most commonly asked questions among people looking for an alternative to Glocks & AR-15s.  A couple of states have placed restrictions on buying & using stun guns. As it stands, the purchase & use of stun guns is prohibited in 9 states. In some […] More

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    Best Firearms to Take to the Bathroom

    Seeing a list of the best firearms to take to the bathroom surely sounds surprising, does it not? But I assure you that there’s a good reason to take your gun to the bathroom (or restroom).  Think of it: how does every noise outside the bathroom sound when you’re in the bathroom? It sure sounds […] More

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    Best Gun Safes to Use at Home

    To continue our emphasis on firearm safety, let’s look at the best gun safes to use at home. As you already know, it is your responsibility as a gun owner to keep your firearms safe when in & when not in use. There are several techniques for achieving the first part (when in use), and […] More

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    Wyoming Firearm Laws

    Wyoming firearm laws are some of the most tolerant you’ll find across the United States. The state prides itself as a peace-loving group of people and does not see the need for harsh laws regarding gun ownership. Let us look at all you need to know about firearms in Wyoming. Buying A Handgun According To […] More

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    The American Patriots with Guns

    In 1791 fifteen Dec, ten amendments on the U.S. Constitution – ultimately referred to as the Bill of Rights – have been ratified. The next of them said: “A properly regulated Militia, being required to the protection associated with a Free State, the proper of the individuals to stay and bear Arms, shall not be […] More

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    Best Home Protection Firearms

    In other words, guns for home defense. Handguns are the most prominent choices for home protection. Why? You may wonder. Why choose a handgun when there are much more powerful guns available?  Well, here’s your answer: the compactness of the handgun makes it easier to use in urgent, life-threatening situations. With some handguns as small […] More