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Intro: Concerning the Ruger No. 1

The rifles focus on a strong and compact falling-block motion with what has develop into often called an artillery-style breechblock. It debuted in late 1966 and early 1967 and was based mostly on an 1870s Farquharson falling-block design. A swooping underlever situated each behind and beneath the set off guard actuates ahead to drop the block and open the chamber.

There are walnut and different wooden variations with blued metal, however we fairly just like the seems and resilience of the stainless-steel on this robust single-shot rifle. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/

The straightforward power of this motion design permits it to deal with a number of the strongest chamberings in the marketplace. Barrels are chilly hammer solid and obtainable in a wide range of weights and finishes, many depending on chambering. For historic sticklers, its identify really is No. 1, which is how the actions have been initially stamped upon first manufacturing, and never Quantity One or any variation thereof. 

The rifles are fitted with an ejector mechanism that may be adjusted to offer solely extraction. Integral scope mounts are machined straight onto the strong metal quarter rib, and Ruger features a set of rings with every rifle. There’s an simply accessible, ambidextrous-friendly tang security. The rifles are completed off with a slim, rubberized sporting-style butt pad. 

Ruger provides a pleasant stylized butt pad. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/

The most typical inventory materials is American walnut partnered with satin-blued metal, although different woods have appeared, together with one of many sharpest dressed of the bunch with pepper laminate mated with stainless metalwork. 

These American-made rifles have been in manufacturing and searching the world for properly over 5 a long time and counting. Present chamberings within the Ruger catalog listing solely three: 6.5 Creedmoor, .257 Rigby, and .257 Weatherby. Nonetheless, identify a chambering, and odds are good it has been provided at one time or one other on a Ruger No. 1, from our diminutive .204 Ruger to harmful recreation rounds just like the .480 Ruger and loads of “non-Ruger” selections in between. Want another excuse to seize a No. 1? They’re a lefty-friendly platform with the falling-block motion and security simply actuated by both hand. 

Ruger No. 1 Single-Shot Rifle
The tang security and lever design make it a cushty left- or right-handed shooter. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/


Our Check No. 1

We often peruse the ever-changing used stock of the Vault. At any given time, there are often a number of Ruger No. 1 rifles available. Once we noticed one of many laminate/ stainless rigs, we merely needed to give it a attempt. The principle promoting level was its chambering – the zippy younger .204 Ruger. 

Ruger No. 1 Single-Shot Rifle
The underlever and breech system make for a really sturdy motion throughout many varieties of rounds. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/

We’ll go into extra depth on the .204 Ruger spherical in different items however suffice it to say that spherical from a Ruger No. 1 is lethal on vermin, varmints, small recreation, and bullseyes. Partnered with the 9+ pound weight of our scoped rig, and there’s zero recoil or muzzle rise, that means terminal efficiency is absolutely seen within the scope. 

Our take a look at gun wears a 26-inch bull-taper spherical barrel. There are stainless sling studs and a black rubber recoil pad. The included Ruger rings are matched stainless. We topped it with a Burris Signature HD optic in 2-10×40 to actually dig into accuracy potential. It needs to be famous that this specific rifle, as is the case with a great variety of No. 1s, doesn’t have iron sights. 

Whereas we’ve seen – and owned – some No. 1s with distinctive walnut wooden grain shares, this partnership of laminate with brushed stainless is each stunning and sensible from a put on perspective. The stainless grip cap is accentuated with a gold Ruger brand inlayed at its heart. Aesthetics merge ideally with efficiency. 

Vary Time

Accuracy is strong, even out to the 200 yards we examined the gun with the lighter .204 Ruger spherical. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/

Fall headfirst into web boards – at your personal danger and peril – and also you’re certain to seek out naysayers who declare the Ruger No. 1 to be an inaccurate platform. If that’s true, we’ve by no means witnessed it, as all 4 of the No. 1s we’ve owned, shot, and hunted – .204 Ruger, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .45-70 Gov’ – have been succesful shooters. 

To check the speculation, we headed to the vary with all of the .204 Ruger ammo we may muster. That included Hornady Superformance Varmint in 24, 32, and 40 grain; Nosler Varmageddon 32-grain FB Tipped; and Federal 32-grain ballistic tip. Bullet weights spanned 24 to 40 grains. The Ruger No. 1’s twist price dealt with all of them with ease out to the 200-yard mark. We did the majority of our accuracy testing at 100 yards from the bench. We have been pleasantly shocked to seek out ragged cloverleaf three-shot teams as extra of the norm than the exception. 

There’s neither muzzle rise nor recoil, although this specific rifle is heavy sufficient to make it extra of a bench gun than one a hunter would carry afield all day or shoot often offhand.  The compact nature of falling-block actions imply the Ruger No. 1 – when in comparison with, say, a bolt-action or semi-auto rifle in the identical barrel size – can be a shorter total firearm. These metrics could make a distinction in searching blinds or when carrying by thick brush. 


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