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My 1100 is custom-made for metal competitors taking pictures. The brief 21-inch cylinder-bore barrel is right for shut work, making the gun lighter and simpler to deal with. I like the slim pistol grip in my hand. The security is conveniently positioned on the rear of the set off guard. My selection of Bell and Carlson black artificial inventory provides to manage and pointability. 

The Remington 1100 leaves me all smiles. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

The 1100 reloads shortly by dropping a spherical within the open chamber. Loading a shell by the underside journal port journeys the bolt launch. It is a timesaving function in competitors reloading. Seven shells within the journal and one within the chamber provides me eight rounds of firepower!

This barrel is supplied with a vented rib to dissipate warmth and mirage. The entrance sight is a brilliant pink bead, which permits me to select up my goal shortly. No drawback in taking pictures speedy strings of fireside. The 1100 cuts recoil and kick right down to a manageable degree. 

Remington 1100
The stock-mounted cheek pad helps with speedy reloads. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

I’ve added a stock-mounted cheek pad with 5 shell loops. This permits me to reload on the fly shortly throughout a match. It additional cushions the blow throughout quick firing sequences. That’s 13 rounds with out reaching past the gun for a reload. I like that!



Remington 1100
The 1100 will ship seven shells of 12-gauge energy. (Picture: Ben Philippi/


  • Weight: 8 kilos     
  • Barrel: 21 inches, vent rib, cylinder bore
  • Total Size: 41 inches
  • Size of Pull: 14 inches        
  • Set off: 5.5-pound single stage
  • Journal Capability: 7 12-gauge 2.75-inch shells 


Weighing over 8 kilos loaded, this can be a hefty gun. But, it handles properly and factors naturally from my shoulder. I really feel assured in having the ability to hit my mark. For this video, we shot 12-gauge 00 buck shells with 9 pellets per spherical. What immense firepower!

Downrange are 2-liter soda bottles, water bottles, and metal plates. My favourite targets are soda bottles. In contrast to pistol and rifle bullets, the 12-gauge pellets fully vaporize these targets. I’ve shot Soda bottles with .22 rimfire rounds, 9mm rounds, and .45 Colt rounds, however nothing hits like a 12 gauge taking pictures buckshot. Except you will have a .50-caliber gun at house, the 12 gauge is king! 

Remington 1100
The brilliant orange entrance sight results in straightforward goal acquisition. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

Should you watch the video, you’ll discover how briskly I shoot after shot. The 1100 has little recoil, permitting for speedy goal acquisition. Discover additionally how briskly it’s to fireplace eight well-aimed pictures. It eats ammo. However no want to fret, as a result of I can reload eight pictures shortly. The 1100 reloads naturally from the open chamber and journal, and I’m again in motion in just a few seconds.

Metal plates ring and shudder violently as they’re hit! These are heavy metal targets that require each arms to set in place. But when hit by the 1100, they transfer like they’re made from cardboard. All 9 pellets hit in a formidable close-knit sample. 

Remington 1100
The 1100 does the job once more! (Picture: Ben Philippi/

Speedy fireplace is a breeze for the 1100. Although I’m a light-weight small-framed individual, I can deal with the gentle recoil properly. The red-dot sight helps me select targets shortly and hit precisely. Eight pictures occur shortly, however I’m assured in my reloading. No jams had been encountered at the moment. No bruised shoulder on the finish of this session due to a well-designed recoil-absorbing motion. What a chunk of equipment!  

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