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A Relative Beginner


Although the spherical is comparatively new it is confirmed itself able to taking among the greatest sport on the earth. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

The spherical is pretty younger, having been launched in 2005. Its debut got here intently on the heels of the corporate’s .500 S&W launch in late 2003.  On the time of the debuts, each chamberings–catching the attention of huge sport hunters– had been discovered solely on dad or mum firm Smith & Wesson’s hulky X-frame wheelguns. Each have since expanded to a large attain from a number of arms and ammunition firms. 

Efficiency Roots


The .460 S&W is constructed round a straight-walled, rimmed casing. The burgeoning spherical attracts from confirmed winners. In actual fact, in simplified phrases, it’s a lengthened model of Dick Casull’s namesake .454 Casull however was labored up by a S&W product supervisor. Although known as a “460,” the bullet diameter of the .460 S&W is definitely 0.452-inch. Likewise, the Casull spherical additionally makes use of .451-.452” diameter projectiles, the identical as outdated west standby 45 Colt. 

Excessive Octane


A .460 S&W Magnum cartridge (left) in comparison with a .500 S&W (proper). (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

Talking of
Smith & Wesson, the .460 is their advertising and marketing darling. Consumers of the S&W XVR line of Efficiency Middle wheelguns are getting what the corporate calls in all their promoting the “highest velocity revolver spherical on the earth” earlier than clocking information only a hair over 2,400 feet-per-second. For what it’s price, the .500 S&W reveals common velocities within the neighborhood of 1,500-1,950 FPS. 

That spherical has its personal home-cooked declare to fame, nevertheless; S&W has touted the marginally bigger .500 S&W as “probably the most highly effective handgun spherical on earth.” Neither spherical is for the faint of heart–or recoil sensitive–but for these keen to observe and assured in controlling the beast, the terminal outcomes on sport are greater than interesting. 

.460 S&W firearms can shoot different rounds


A standup take a look at the principle rounds a .460 S&W Magazine firearm can deal with, from .45 Colt (left), .454 Casull (middle), and the .460 S&W Magazine (proper). Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

The .460 S&W holds larger enchantment due to its modularity. Most weapons chambered for the whopper .460 S&W can safely fireplace different associated rounds, together with the .454 Casull and .45 Colt. The latter generates by far the least recoil, and having the choice of decreased “kick” selections definitely attracts extra consumers. Nevertheless, when you do shoot these different chamberings, you’ll want to completely clear and polish the cylinders and chamber earlier than switching again to the heaviest hitter. Felt recoil from a .460 S&W is lower than that of the .500 S&W, however larger than the .454 Casull and never even in the identical dialog because the .45 Colt. 


Handloaders are well-served to dish up their very own rounds. Widespread bullet weights for the .452-diameter projectiles vary from 200 to effectively over 300-grains, with some lead-specialists casting bullets in extra of 400-grains.  The casings are constructed not for a big pistol primer, however somewhat, ignition by means of a giant rifle primer. Brass is available from most main producers, although snagging many reloading elements today is trickier than it has been previously. 

Manufacturing unit Ammo


You may pay a fairly penny for the .460 S&W ammo, however manufacturing unit produced ammo is on the prepared. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

Although we all the time like to speak reloading, manufacturing unit rolled ammunition is (often) readily available–albeit somewhat expensive–for the .460 S&W. We’ve shot–with good results–loads from Federal Premium, Hornady, Winchester, Buffalo Bore, and Cor-Bon. The corresponding mixture of projectile varieties permits hunters to moderately goal every part from mid-sized sport like deer as much as the largest–and even dangerous–game everywhere in the world. 


Really feel the Stress

Ammunition is ruled and gauged by official Sporting Arms and Ammunition Producer’s Institute (SAAMI) calculations. For the .460 S&W, official SAAMI most common stress (MAP) is 65,000-pounds-per-square-inch (PSI). Compared, the .45 Colt reveals a mere 14,000 PSI ranking.  Bear in mind, although, that’s the most; most trendy loading manuals present .460 S&W recipes producing nearer to the 55,000 PSI vary. Although that is clearly an apples and bananas comparability, rifle rounds up to–and including– the .416 Remington Magnum carry the identical 65,000 PSI SAAMI max specs. 

Not Simply Wheelguns?


The .460 S&W was designed as a potent wheelgun spherical. And there, it has grow to be fairly widespread. Along with its dad or mum firm, firms like Magnum Analysis and Taurus experience the massive bore wheelgun wagon. Nevertheless, it’s not all handguns anymore. In actual fact, Cody, Wyoming primarily based Bighorn Armory builds some mean–and pretty–lever motion rifles and carbines for that chambering. 

As well as, Katahdin constructed single shot rifle barrels for the T/C Encore platforms. Within the manufacturing unit manufacturing gun world, there are a pair of single shots– each CVA’s inexpensive Scout and the venerable Ruger No. 1 have made a house for the stout .460 S&W spherical. That’ means it’s doable to roll out on the hunt with a caliber-matched rifle and handgun pair. 

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