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Particular Fashions


The Taran Tactical Improvements Copperhead Fight Grasp, left, and Sand Viper, proper. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

To make the comparability truthful, I’m not going to match the screen-used fashions. I desire utilizing purple dots on my pistols, so I’m going to match the Sand Viper and the Copperhead Fight Grasp. 

The Sand Viper is actually the identical because the on-screen Pit Viper in “John Wick 4.” I even have another article and video about this very subject. The one actual distinction between the Pit Viper and Sand Viper is the end coloration and the truth that the Sand Viper has an optic reduce.

Equally, the Copperhead Fight Grasp is nearly similar to the “John Wick 4” Fight Grasp, apart from the end coloration and optic reduce.

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Overview: Sand Viper vs. Copperhead Fight Grasp


Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
The modified Glock on the left versus the 2011 on the precise. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

In essence, we’re doing a
2011 versus Glock comparability. It’s a bit extra difficult than that, as a result of these weapons characterize the pinnacles of their respective courses. 

Some could say that this isn’t a good comparability, however I feel there are some good arguments to be made on either side.



Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
The Sand Viper 2011, left, versus the Copperhead, a high-performance {custom} Glock 34. I discovered each dependable on the vary. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

Standard knowledge says that Glocks are probably the most dependable pistols ever, and 2011s are finicky competition-only weapons. I feel that is outdated pondering. 

Inventory Glocks are dependable, however they don’t seem to be infallible. All mechanical issues can break, and I’ve seen my share of Glock stoppages. Most of those malfunctions had been due to some modification. 

Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
A beneficiant slide cutout assist cut back the Copperhead’s weight, whereas the springs are tuned for a lighter recoil and set off pull. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)


As a result of the Copperhead is a custom-made Glock optimized for efficiency, modifications can cut back the general reliability of the platform. Personally, I had completely no issues with the Copperhead. Nevertheless, the slide is lightened and the springs are tuned to ship a softer recoil impulse and lighter set off. I’ve heard it’s attainable to shoot pistol hundreds which are too gentle and don’t cycle the motion reliably.

On the flip aspect, {custom} 2011s have a repute of being competition-only, unreliable weapons. This was true at one time. However over the previous decade, leaps in engineering and manufacturing know-how have made it attainable to supply very dependable 2011s.  




Targets shot by Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
The extra exact group on the left got here from the Sand Viper. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

It is a easy class – the 2011 is extra correct. The Sand Viper is a custom-made, hand-built pistol utilizing the best high quality elements. The accuracy is great. 

The work on the Copperhead doesn’t concentrate on accuracy. Basically, it has the identical accuracy as a inventory Glock. That is good for a fight pistol however doesn’t examine to a tuned 2011.



Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
With its lightened slide, there isn’t any query the Copperhead is the lighter gun. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

That is one other simple class. The Copperhead is lighter. However is lighter what you need? 

A light-weight pistol is less complicated to hold. If that is going to be a carry pistol for you, weight is a priority. Even a couple of ounces add up over many hours in a day. Nevertheless, elevated weight affords decrease recoil, stability, and fewer muzzle flip for quicker follow-up photographs. So, it’s actually extra about its meant use.



Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
The 2011 grip, rear, versus the Glock grip that is made even smaller on the Copperhead. I desire the bigger Sand Viper grip. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

This class can also be user-specific. The 2011 grip is bigger than a regular Glock grip. The Copperhead has lowered the Glock grip even additional. 

Personally, I desire the 2011 grip. I just like the grip angle, and I discover it very controllable. It’s a bit massive for my fingers. On a standard 2011, I’ve a tough time hitting the magazine launch and slide cease with out adjusting the pistol in my fingers. However I think about this a coaching problem that I’ve solved. The Sand Viper has the additional advantage of getting an lengthen magazine launch and slide cease. This helps my problem vastly, and it’s why I really like the Sand Viper a lot.

Additionally, I’ve by no means actually favored the Glock grip. I discover it boxy, and I don’t just like the grip angle. I’ve no issues taking pictures Glocks, however they don’t seem to be my favourite grips.

How massive are your fingers? Which grip works higher for you? There isn’t a proper reply, it simply relies on anatomy and private desire.

Set off


Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
Each weapons have nice triggers. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

The Sand Viper has a greater set off in each measurable approach. It’s lighter, crisper, and has a greater reset. However the Copperhead has an incredible set off as properly. We’re actually splitting hairs at this level. 



Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper and Copperhead Combat Master pistols
There is no actual competitors right here: the Sand Viper is in a distinct class than the Glock in terms of quick, correct taking pictures. (Picture: Don Summers/Weapons.com)

This spherical additionally goes to the Sand Viper. There isn’t any approach round the truth that the compensator and the sight block make the Sand Viper have much less recoil and muzzle flip. Once more, the Copperhead might be nearly as good as it may well get for a Glock with out a comp, however the Sand Viper is simply in a distinct class. 

Anybody who picks up these two weapons will shoot the Sand Viper quicker and extra precisely.


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