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The Bobcat is designed to be user-friendly and dependable. Supposed for off-duty legislation enforcement officers and residents licensed to hold, it’s small, unnoticeable, and highly effective.  



Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
The tip-up barrel is launched with the lever on the left facet of the body… (Picture: Ben Philippi/
Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
…and pops as much as let the person see if the gun is loaded. No want to drag the slide again. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

The Bobcat’s most noticeable function is its tip-up barrel. Launch the barrel with the lever on the left facet of the body, and the barrel pops up for inspection, immediately permitting the person to see if the chamber is loaded. This design additionally eliminates the necessity to pull the slide again to load a spherical from the journal – a giant assist to these with weak or small fingers, or in moist, slippery situations.

Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
Security first: whereas the Bobcat’s double-action set off pull is available in at over 7 kilos, making it fairly properly unimaginable to by accident discharge in your pocket, the gun additionally includes a frame-mounted security catch.(Picture: Ben Philippi/

Security is a vital consideration in small concealed-carry pistols, and the Beretta Bobcat has a number of security methods. The frame-mounted security catch could also be engaged to forestall the set off from being pulled and slide from transferring again. One other carry technique is to hold with out the security engaged and depend on the heavy double-action set off pull of over 7 kilos to forestall unintentional discharge, as with every double-action revolver.  

Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
The blowback motion requires high quality high-velocity .22 LR ammo to correctly operate. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

The Bobcat’s motion has no ejector. It’s blowback and depends on the brisk reward response of the bullet firing to blow the empty case out of the gun and reciprocate the slide. It’s essential that the gun be loaded with high quality high-velocity .22 lengthy rifle ammunition! Cheap cut price ammo will trigger failures to eject and must be used just for casual apply. I like to recommend
CCI Stinger hollow points completely as my self-defense load.



Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
The Bobcat is definitely dependable, having served me properly for 30 years. (Picture: Ben Philippi/


I’ve owned and felt safe carrying this gun for 30 years. Its small dimension makes it concealable however doesn’t hinder its firepower. Normally, I carry my huge Glock 17 in 9mm. The Bobcat is tiny by comparability, feeling toy-like in my hand. Even my mid-sized fingers overlap the underside of the pistol grip, and my set off finger over-extends the set off guard. Regardless of this, it’s a stable, well-made, well-proven design. 

Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
The hefty double-action set off takes an excellent squeeze to get going, however runs simpler after the primary shot. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

Jams are non-existent when utilizing high quality ammo. The double-action set off pull requires a lot effort to squeeze off the primary shot, however subsequent pictures are a lot simpler. 

The sights are primitive however satisfactory for this up-close-and-personal defensive pistol. I actually hope I by no means want it, however am glad to have it with me.    



Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
After 30 years with my Bobcat, it has picked up some desert mud and exhibits some put on, however it’s as stable and dependable as ever. (Picture: Ben Philippi/
  • General Size: 5 inches           
  • Barrel: 2.4 inches, rifled        
  • Width: 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 11.8 ounces (!)                 
  • Peak: 3.7 inches                   
  • Journal capability: 7+1 rounds of .22 LR
  • Motion: Single/Double motion    
  • Set off: 2 or 7 kilos        



Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
I really feel secure with the Bobcat in my pocket, regardless that my different EDC Glock 17 dwarfs it by comparability. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

When using a motorcycle, saving weight is essential. Carrying my 2-pound full-size Glock 17 is simply not an choice. My Bobcat weighs 11.8 ounces and is lower than half the dimensions of the Glock. It simply matches into my bicycle pants or shorts. 

As we speak in Space 51, I put the tiny gun via its paces. Insert the all-steel journal loaded with 7 rounds, then tip up the barrel and cargo a single spherical. No want to drag again the slide. Discover the dearth of kick because the gun fires and throws the empties straight up and out. Hitting paper or metal targets isn’t any downside.

Beretta Bobcat Model 21A .22 LR pistol
The Bobcat makes use of a metal journal that holds seven rounds of .22 LR. (Picture: Ben Philippi/

Now it’s time for some 2-liter root beer enjoyable. Having by no means shot soda bottles earlier than, I used to be undecided what to anticipate. The two-liter bottles burst as if hit by a a lot larger spherical I’m amazed at how that little .22 rimfire tore up these plastic jugs – it smells like root beer within the Arizona desert! 

Wonderful how one thing as small as this Beretta may cause a lot trauma! It could be troublesome so that you can hear how loud it’s within the video, however the sound of this gun will scare something. Discover the best way it destroys the soda bottles. It’s nonetheless a firearm, and a potent one, that I can depend on in a last-ditch protection scenario.

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