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It’s Quick…and It’s Flat

 Weatherby advertises the .257 Weatherby as having “the flattest trajectory of any .25-caliber rifle on this planet,” making it a superb longer-range choice. The spherical relies on the venerable .300 Holland & Holland casing, which was primarily shortened and expanded for capability. 

Weatherby then modified the casing’s shoulders to what has turn out to be the corporate’s signature double radius. It stays a belted magnum, however for all sensible functions, doesn’t bodily require the belt. 

After we discuss pace, the .257 Weatherby will ship 80-grain projectiles at virtually 3,900 fps and 115-grain Nosler BT at 3,400 fps whereas sustaining upwards of three,000 foot-pounds of power. That’s not solely blazing on the chronometer however devastating on recreation. What we’ve witnessed firsthand are fast, one-shot kills on each single pronghorn and whitetail from 50 to 250 yards. 

It’s Underrated

Plain and easy. There’s simply not sufficient .25-caliber love as of late. Assume even of predecessors like .250-3000 Savage, .25-06 Remington, and .257 Roberts, that are additionally within the undervalued class and succesful in their very own proper. The .257 Weatherby, nonetheless, got here alongside and trumped them each in efficiency. 

It additionally succeeds in not solely bridging the divide between varmints and medium-sized recreation like deer but additionally steps within the realm of functionality on black bears, sheep, and past. Recoil is current, as in any “magnum” spherical, however we’d price it as surprisingly gentle with larger muzzle blast and hearth than kick, whereas the efficiency is phenomenal. Although it has larger recoil than its cohorts, it additionally trumps these .25-cal allies in pace, power, and total efficiency. 


Ample Manufacturing unit Ammunition

In contrast to some rounds that don’t maintain the hearts of mainstream shooters, it’s not as a lot a wrestle to search out high quality manufacturing facility manufacturing ammunition for the .257 Weatherby as some people would have you ever consider. In actual fact, it’s truly produced by a number of main producers, as these corporations acknowledge the capabilities of the spherical. 

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Frequent projectile weights span 80 to 120 grains. Take a look at our article on our favored searching rounds, however suffice it to say snagging a field from the likes of Hornady, Nosler, Federal Premium, HSM, and naturally a big selection from Weatherby themselves. 

Zippier for Handloaders

Sure, premium manufacturing facility ammunition is dear, and that’s one strong motive to reload for the spherical. The opposite, nonetheless, is the possibility to tailor hundreds to every explicit firearm whereas additionally having the chance to even additional improve its efficiency. As an example, load knowledge utilizing a 100-grain spitzer bullet carries most muzzle velocity at virtually 3,600 fps. 

.257 WBY MAG
Reloaders are inclined to fall in love with the .257 WBY Magazine. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

Even the heaviest 120-grain Partition strikes upwards of three,200 fps. Practiced handloaders can be aware of Weatherby’s “freebore” chambers. Additional, as indicated within the Nosler Reloading Information 9 handbook, using both heavy neck rigidity or a crimp offers each improved ignition and accuracy. 

Wealthy American Historical past

The .257 Weatherby Magazine was an early Weatherby splash, designed as WWII got here to an in depth. Of all the corporate’s proprietary cartridges, giant and small, Roy Weatherby known as the .257 Weatherby Magazine his private favourite. Not solely did founder Roy Weatherby create the .257 Weatherby however a complete empire in American firearms and cartridge historical past. 

.257 WBY MAG
Having been round almost 80 years now, the .257 WBY Magazine is steeped in custom. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

Over time, Roy would additionally mastermind Weatherby Magnums in .224, .240, .270, .300, .340, .375, .378, and .460. The corporate handed to his son Ed (Roy, Jr.), and presently grandson Adam, every with extra rounds developed and a current transfer to a powerful headquarters in Sheridan, Wyoming. There, the American firm stays poised to succeed for years to return. 

Succesful On a Broad Vary of Recreation

If there was ever a spherical purpose-built for pronghorn searching in wide-open western nation, the .257 Weatherby is that animal. Pronghorn is just one perfect goal, although. With the burden of bullets and efficiency, it may deal with all the pieces from varmints on as much as a lot bigger recreation. 

.257 WBY MAG
With the proper projectiles and shot placement the .257 WBY Magazine can take just about something. (Photograph: Kristin Alberts/Weapons.com)

It’s no stretch to seize the caliber for African plains recreation, each sort of deer, sheep, black bear, and past. In actual fact, whereas it’s not widespread to pitch quarter bores for elk-sized recreation, bagging these greater critters is just not solely affordable with the proper projectiles and shot placement however has been finished cleanly many instances by completed hunters.   


Loads of Rifles for Each Searching Model & Value Level


It was once that it took a fistful of money to afford a Mark V so as to personal a .257 Weatherby. Now, nonetheless, the chambering is discovered on the corporate’s budget-friendly Vanguard bolt weapons, and that’s not all. 

Even competing corporations have chambered the .257 Weatherby giving regards to its capabilities. Assume again to Remington Mannequin 700 bolt weapons in addition to a brief run of beloved Ruger No. 1 falling blocks, amongst many different {custom} and semi-custom builds. Whereas we’d like to see the spherical provided by extra rifle builders, the lengthy weapons are on the market ready for you. 

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