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Kel-Tec P11 Discontinued

Just as Shot Show 2020 was getting underway on January 20th, KelTec announced via their website and YouTube channel that the venerable P11 would be discontinued. The KelTec P11 was produced in 1995 and was the first double-stack polymer-framed subcompact pistol to be brought to the market. In true KelTec fashion, the companies YouTube channel gave the aged subcompact pistol a well-deserved sendoff that had me laughing throughout.

Discontinued: We Bid Farewell to the KelTec P11 Subcompact

In many ways, the P11 was responsible for pioneering the path for modern concealed carry pistols. Being the first double-stacked 9mm subcompact on the market made the P11 an effective tool that would inspire many designs from other companies that followed in KelTec’s path. In 1995, a subcompact pistol with 10 or more rounds was unheard of and KelTec’s introduction of the handgun meant that you could now carry a good bit of firepower around with you in an easily concealable package.


KelTec P11 Discontinued

KelTec P11 Discontinued

If you are a current original owner of a KelTec P11 pistol you can expect KelTec to honor full-coverage warranty work as long as parts remain available. You can find more information about the return and warranty policies here. Despite the discontinuation of the long-lived pistol, KelTec seems determined to stand by their product.

The KelTec P11 was my 2nd concealed carry pistol that I purchased after learning a thing or two about concealability and practicality. While not the smallest carry pistol in my arsenal, the P11 served me well for many years until I ultimately sold it. Even so, the design characteristics have transferred over into a lot of modern subcompact offerings that we see on the market today.

KelTec P11 Discontinued

KelTec P11 Discontinued

So while the P11 may be missed by some and bid good riddance by others we can probably expect KelTec to continue innovating and bring new and interesting firearms to their customers for years to come. After all, we did just see them release the SUB2000 CQB – an integrally suppressed, foldable 9mm carbine.

KelTec P11 Discontinued

KelTec P11 Discontinued – So long old friend…

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