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Having firearms books with high-quality photos and interesting factoids is a must for any self-respecting gun owner looking to decorate their coffee table. Even if you don’t read them they are always nice to have around for guests who come over. One such series of books I’ve seen gain a lot of popularity is the Vickers Guide series. Vickers Guide has just announced that their Vickers Guide 1911 Volume I and II books are now available for preorder.

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Vickers Guide 1911 Volume I & II Available for Pre-Order

Vickers Guide 1911 Volume I & II Available for Preorder

Vickers Guide: 1911 will be at home on your coffee table, workbench or bookcase. It is art for your living room. It will serve as a fantastic guide for your own firearm collecting. It will make a lasting impression. Most importantly, Vickers Guide: 1911 will serve as a lifelong 1911 reference book.

The book is 448 pages, measures 13″ wide by 11″ tall and is made with commercial quality section is sewn style binding which allows the book to lay flat on a table. Each of the photos is a full-color print on premium quality photo paper stock for extra clarity on each of the images. The outside of the book is made from a foil stamped, gray linen hardcover protected by a full-color dust jacket to keep the outside looking nice and pristine.

Vickers Guide 1911 Volume I & II Available for Pre-Order

The book will also be available in a Signature Edition which will be signed by Larry Vickers, and a Slipcase Edition that features a decorated collectible slipcase. Each of the books will be able to be purchased individually or as a set for $176.00. You can also purchase the set in their respective Slipcase Editions for $260. For more information on the book series or to place a preorder, you can visit

Preorders are expected to arrive at their fulfillment center by December 1st, 2021 and they will begin shipping shortly thereafter. However, production and global shipping logistics are a mess and Vickers Guide cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Vickers Guide 1911 Volume I & II Available for Pre-Order

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