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Good morning everyone and thanks for coming back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where ‘Hollywood quiet’ is a life goal, not a fantasy. Now that the fog of war has cleared off of the SHOT Show floor, we can get back into the business of shooting and testing silencers. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have YHM, Energetic Armament, Allen Engineering (AEM2,3,4) and now CZ USA on deck for shooting and metering. That’s at lease a full month’s worth of reviews. But today we start with a look at the AAC TI-RAID 30: a centerfire rifle suppressor that can be disassembled without the use of tools. Because my 90T QD muzzle attachment is still in the mail, we are going to need to carry the TI-RAID review across two parts. The good news is that we have both the QD and direct thread versions available for testing right here on Silencer Saturday.


TI-RAID 30 Direct Thread (Top) and 90T models

My absolute first stop at SHOT 2019 was the Remington booth, which is home to Advanced Armament and silencer expert Mike Smith. With decades of experience designing and building suppressors, I wanted to catch up with Smith before the hoards of show-goers wore him down with hard-hitting questions like “does this come in black?” and “how quiet is this?” My first question:

“How quiet is the TI-RAID 30?”

Smith explained that the TI-RAID 30 was designed to be both quiet on subsonic and supersonic ammunition as well as able to be easily disassembled for cleaning by the end user. The serviceability aspect of AAC’s latest hard-use suppressor initially had me confused: centerfire rifle silencers need to be cleaned?

And while talking with Smith it hit me; subsonic rifle rounds, like my new best friend 300BLK, are basically are large pistol cartridges. While the high pressure and heat from supersonic rifle rounds might have a sort of self-cleaning feature, most quality pistol silencers are user serviceable.

While the takedown features of the TI-RAID 30 do add a bit of weight over other options, the tool-less disassembly is simple, allowing for the core and end cap to slip out easily even when dirty. (That’s what she…never mind).

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30

AAC TI-RAID 30: A wave washer keeps baffle stack tight inside the tube.

AAC TI-RAID 30: No tools are needed for disassembly


AAC TI-RAID 30: The tube slips over the baffle stack and end cap for easy reassembly.

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30 Specifications:

  • Caliber Rating: 300 Win Mag and Below
  • Full Auto Rating: 7.62 NATO and Below
  • Length: 8.1″ w/ Direct Thread, 8.5″ w/ 90T Taper
  • Weight (oz.): 20.1 w/ Direct Thread, 20.5 w/ 90T Taper
    Decibel Ratings:
  • 300 Win Mag: 140 dB at Muzzle, 136 dB at Shooters Ear
  • 308 Win: 137 dB at Muzzle
  • 300 Blackout Subsonic: 123 dB at Muzzle
  • MSRP: $1,199

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30

Advanced Armament TI-RAID 30


Shooting the TI-RAID 30:

With a large amount of internal volume, you’d expect the TI-RAID to pretty quiet with subsonics, and it doesn’t disappoint. Using a variety of Hornady 300BLK ammo in the Remington Model 7 Threaded KUIU bolt gun the combination was very sweet. Seriously, some rimfire gun/silencer/ammo combinations aren’t this quiet. But it you are looking for semiautomatic 300BLK, .308 Win and muzzle and ear meter numbers, you are going to have to wait a week. The weather in these parts hasn’t been exactly pleasant. Besides, by that time we should have a 90T muzzle device in hand for a QD/DT model comparison. Cliffhanger!

Whatever you are shooting this weekend I hope it’s suppressed, subsonic and quiet. Either way, be safe, have fun and we’ll see you next week for TFB’s Silencer Saturday.


Published on Feb 8, 2019 – Suppressed Nation

Today we are doing a viewer requested video of the Silencerco Switchback for accuracy in all it’s different configurations. For the host we are using our trusty Savage Arms fvsr chambered in 22lr. Ammunition for this demonstration is CCI standard velocity. We are shooting from a Caldwell lead sled for a little extra stability at 25 and 50 yards. If you have a suggestion for a video you’d like to see, leave a comment down below. All suppressors on Suppressed Nation are provided by our good friends at Hansohn’s Brothers. Virginia’s number 1 NFA dealer.

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The big announcement for Shot Show came on day 2 when we announced that ODIN Works is releasing a new line of suppressors! We are very excited to expand our horizons and we know that there are a lot of you out there who can’t wait to get your hands on one of these suppressors!

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