TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #1: James Reeves

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #1: James Reeves – TFBTV

As I alluded to last week in my SHTF rifle post, TFB is proud to announce Behind The Gun – a weekly podcast that focuses on fact-based conversations with influential leaders within the firearms industry. Our goal was to take the informative yet entertaining style from TFB and TFBTV to ask questions and listen to the people who drive product development and analyze trends. Today marks Episode #1 of the Behind The Gun podcast and I’m happy to announce that James Reeves of TFBTV fame takes the top spot.

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Before you listen, here’s a bit of Behind The Gun guidance:

  • Your host of the Behind The Gun Podcast is me, Pete, TFB Editor In Chief
  • Contact: (interview requests, sponsorships, etc)
  • All of the interviews to date were recorded in mid January at the 2020 SHOT Show.
  • The podcast interview style is free flowing without cuts, pauses or breaks (you may hear housekeeping attempt to enter the room a few times).
  • I stayed as non-partisan as possible, allowing guests to voice their opinions without interjecting a stance on any political issue.
  • Each interview starts with a warm up question: “The world is ending tomorrow and you can only take one gun with you. Which one and why?” 


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