SILENCER SATURDAY #22: One Can To Rule Them All?

Good day fellow suppressor lovers. Thanks for joining us back here at Silencer Saturday, where internal volume is more important than external volume. In a moment we’ll talk about the mythical “One Can To Rule Them All” request that we often see from those looking to dip their toe into NFA waters. But first, a brief update on some projects underway:

  1. Metering: Although I’ve had success in setting up the meter I borrowed from the big brains at Allen Engineering, the rain has kept me from a comprehensive study of different silencers and barrel lengths. With any luck, I’ll get a solid day of use in the next week before the meter returns home. Which will hopefully include the ablative media comparison I proposed last year.
  2. Dynamic Defense Inc. Sierra 12.5 Inch midlength gas barrel: Dynamic Defense was nice enough to allow us the use of one of their barrels for some recoil and gas blowback testing. We’ll put it up next to a MK18 barrel in terms of ejection port noise as well as decibel reductions at the muzzle.
  3. Rex Silentium: In for review is the Fidelis rifle silencer. It will be tested alongside some “industry standard” suppressors for features and noise reduction. So far it appears to be very well built.
  4. AMTAC Suppressors: Recently in for review from AMTAC is… a silencer. Once I confer with my FFL, I’ll put it on the review schedule and we should see it posted before the end of June.

I just wanted to keep you guys updated on what we have in the pipeline. As always, you can drop us a line at for review requests, news tips or suggestions.


My path to quiet freedom started with the purchase of a Liberty Suppressors Mystic. Actually, it started long before that with the airgun silencer equivalent – moderators – but I digress. The Mystic is 9mm monocore suppressor that can be disassembled for cleaning. It is rated for everything from .22LR to supersonic 7.62×39. And it’s pretty freaking quiet. A dream come true for a new owner looking to use one silencer to suppress multiple hosts. Right?

Well, almost. What many new customers want, One Silencer To Rule Them All, is one that will perform on a variety of different guns, hoping to save money and ATF transfer time frustrations. In the end, the “single silencer” philosophy might end up costing owners more money than if they had chosen the perfect silencer for one host, rather than an okay silencer for many hosts: the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none motto.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think the Mystic is a great design and a solid performer. But it is big and heavy on a rimfire host, long with a booster on a centerfire pistol and underperforms on semiautomatic centerfire rifles due to barrel length restrictions. Where it shines is on pistol caliber carbines and my Ruger 77/357 bolt action .357 Magnum.

What I should have done is spent a little more money up front and picked out three “best in class” silencers up front: rimfire, pistol and a 5.56mm. (If you shoot .308, the 5.56 can be swapped for a 7.62). Instead of shoehorning one good suppressor for each gun in the safe, a better option is to pick great silencers for your most used hosts.

And as Brett mentions in the comments section below, adapters, mounts and piston assemblies can be costly, with some in the $100+ range. The cost savings of owning a single silencer really start to dwindle as the barrel mounting requirements increase.

So, while it’s great to chase decibels for that real ‘pew pew’ sound, other specifications may outweigh that ultimate noise reduction goal. Besides, 99% of all silencer owners own more than one model. That’s just a statistical fact.


NEW: JMac Customs

JMac Customs has got something new coming this week for the MP5K platform. Stay tuned. Seen here with the Dead Air Ghost (K Configuration) on select fire Zenith.

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A district court in Idaho dismissed a lawsuit against Smith & Wesson this month alleging the gun maker squashed an international sales deal to avoid paying Gemini Technologies a cut worth millions.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy Dale said the suppressor manufacturer failed to prove why the case should be argued in Idaho instead of Delaware, as specified in an asset purchase agreement signed by both companies last year — a condition GemTech insists wasn’t binding. Read More @

One can to rule them all

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Published on May 27, 2018

This Saturday we were able to hit the range here at the house and ring some steel from H.I.T.S Targets. Its always fun to get out to the range and use the B&K 2209 with Hansohn Brother but sometimes its good to just sit back, enjoy the weather, company and sling some lead! Oh lets not forget ,cracking open a nice cold Root Beer!! In the line up was the YHM Turbo, Resonator, Bowers Vers30, & Silencer Co Harvestor.

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