[SHOT 2020] Industry Day At The Range

[SHOT 2020] TFB Industry Day At The Range – H&K Optics Ready VP9 and SP5

During SHOT 2020’s industry day at the range, Heckler & Koch unveiled the new Optics Ready VP9.  The new VP9 uses the existing full-size VP9 while adding a couple notable improvements.  As the name implies, the optics ready VP9 accommodates a wide variety of red dot sights (RDS).

Optics Ready VP9

During Industry Range Day, H&K had three variants on display featuring the Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Trijicon RMR, and Vortex Venom.

VP9 Optics Ready

[SHOT 2020] H&K Optics Ready VP9

H&K indicated the new optics ready VP9 would have five different mount plates available for purchase when lanched.  The pistol will ship with a cover plate on the optics mount.  H&K will then be offering the following mounting plate options for the various optics mounts.

  • Plate 1 – Meopta MeoSight III, EOTech MRDS, and Noblex III
  • Plate 2 – Trijicon RMR and Holosun
  • Plate 3 – C-More STS2
  • Plate 4 – Leupold Deltapoint
  • Plate 5 – Burris Fastfire 2/3 and Vortex Viper/Venom


VP9 Optics Ready

[SHOT 2020] H&K Optics Ready VP9

On top of the new optics ready upgrades, the VP9 also received a capacity upgrade as well.  The dimensions of the new 17 round magazine are nearly identical to those of the earlier 15 round magazines.  Industry reps from H&K indicated that modifications had been made to the spring and follower of the magazine to allow for the extra 2 round capacity.

SP5 – Importing a Classic


[SHOT 2020] TFB Industry Day At The Range – H&K Optics Ready VP9 and SP5

During my time spent with H&K, I was able to get some trigger time and ask some questions regarding the recently released SP5.  H&K was able to better explain why the SP5 has a different rear sight compared to its MP5 counterpart.  As the SP5 is imported as a pistol, it comes with a notched rear pistol sight instead of the rear diopter sight normally found on the MP5.

All the H&K demo guns functioned flawlessly during my time at their booth.  Big thank you to members of the H&K pro shooting team for helping me put both of these guns through their paces.


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