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Blackwater Ammunition was showing off their new line of 2011 pistols for 2020 called the Raven series. The Raven 2011 will have two different models for duty use or competition as well as coming in both compact and full size frames. Blackwater wanted to throw their hat into the 2011 ring with a high end 1911 that is competitively priced for today’s market. There is a fairly substantial number of options available for each pistol with the ability to customize your gun to your specifications. Lets take a look at what Blackwater will have new to offer in 2020.


Blackwater has a lot going on and plans on rolling out their commercial ammo line this year as well as new suppressor options and now a 2011 line of handguns. They are also coming out with a new style of rifle called the Iron Horse but not many details have been released on that just yet. The Raven series 2011’s will be available in 9mm or 45acp along with in either a compact or full size frame. There’s a duty version as well as a competition version that will have a compensated barrel and porting in the slide.

The Raven series will have a low profile 1913 style picatinny rail and there are several optic cut options for a wide variety of red dots on the market today. Depending on what model handgun you pick. the guns will either come with a competition or daily use magwell to make reloading a breeze under stress. I was surprised with the number of upgrades Blackwater is offering on their 2011s. Whether its night sights, coatings, deep laser came or radial serrations Blackwater has it covered on their new Raven series.

I was impressed with the amount of options despite the price. MSRP will start at $1776 for the duty models and $1849.99 for the compensated Raven models. Having the amount of upgrades available from the factory at such a reasonable price is a pretty impressive value for the market today.  Let me know what you think about the Blackwater Raven series in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Shot Show in the coming days.


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