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If you’re into the full-gear style of training, you’ll be pretty familiar with the concepts of both dual and single-channel communications setups. There are currently only a few viable setups available on the market for linking your radio to a headset suitable for duty use. Safariland has just debuted their new Liberator Single and dual-channel headsets.

Safariland Presents New Liberator Single and Dual-Channel Headsets

Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, is excited to announce the next generation of Safariland Liberator® headset. The new Liberator® IV/V communications headsets are easily adaptable to mission-specific needs, reduce hazardous noise and allow for active single-channel or dual-channel communication.

“The new Liberator IV and V mark the pinnacle of Safariland’s comms development,” stated James Imhoff, VP & GM of Diversified Products at Safariland. “The Liberator IV is an advanced, single-channel headset system utilizing the newly designed TCI multi-mode Earcup. For those who need dual-channel functionality, we’ve updated the Liberator V. Law enforcement and military users alike can confidently utilize these robust products in any tactical situation. The Liberators provide the ultimate protection while enabling clear communication—both of which are crucial for maximal situational awareness.”

Safariland Presents New Liberator Single and Dual-Channel Headsets

The Liberator IV is the first multi-mode, dual fuel single communications headset on the market. This single communications channel package is a 100% US designed and manufactured tactical headset. The Dual Fuel system allows the Liberator IV to run on two AAA or one CR123 battery. The headset offers operational modes for all high noise situations. The Liberator IV can protect against impulse noise, like gun fire, and steady state noise, like operating on a helicopter. It is the first headset with user audio profiles modifiable with simple keystrokes on the headset. MSRP $647-$857.

Safariland Presents New Liberator Single and Dual-Channel Headsets

The Liberator V adds updated dual-channel communications to the Liberator platform. These are the ultimate dual channel circumaural headphones. This system gives military and law enforcement end users the confidence to utilize communications networks using mixed encryption in any tactical environment and are equipped with Safariland’s Radio Audio Channel Enhancement (R.A.C.E) technology that can play incoming audio in stereo and isolate simultaneous dual-channel feeds. R.A.C.E allows for natural replication of audio communication and clear channel delineation during overlaps. MSRP $695-$850.

Safariland Presents New Liberator Single and Dual-Channel Headsets


  • First of its kind Multi-Profile Tactical Headset: Active Noise Reduction (ANR), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and Dual Mode with ANR/ANC simultaneously.
  • Backwards compatible with TCI single communications systems.
  • Industry leading sound localization for maximum situational awareness and threat detection.
  • Multiple single communications Push-to-Talk options available.
  • Proprietary high-definition speakers and speaker enclosures.
  • Advanced RF and TDMA PCB protection technology.
  • Boom microphone featuring advanced RF and Acoustics Interference Shielding.
  • Adaptive headset suspension can be easily changed with no tools between over-the-head, behind-the-head, or helmet rail mounted options.
  • Proprietary, slim earcup design layered with sound barrier technology.
  • The Liberator V adds R.4 dual communications Push-to-Talk available – compatible with R.A.C.E.

Safariland Presents New Liberator Single and Dual-Channel Headsets

It seems like Safariland is attempting to compete with the two big communications headset contenders currently on the market. Both of those offerings are priced around the same and provide some of the same features.  Push to talk capability is a must for in-the-field communications and with the addition of active noise reduction, these headsets look like they could provide shooters with an additional option to choose from for communication headsets. As a final note, the inclusion of gel cups from the factory is a nice feature as I personally can’t stand to shoot for long periods of time with a lot of OEM foam padding found on ear protection.

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