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Kalashnikov Al-Qazzafi كلاشنكوف القذافي or Gaddafi’s Kalashnikov and no, it is not the personal rifle of Muammar Al-Qazzafi (Gaddafi), it’s a hybrid rifle that combines AKM with AKS-74 in terms of external appearance only. It’s called Qazzafi’s Kalashnikov in Yemen because it appeared in Libya in the era of Muammar Gaddafi (the former Libyan president).

In fact, it is nothing but a 7.62x39mm Russian-made AKM that has been modified to resemble the look of AKS-74 which is known in the Middle East as Kalakov. The conversion is done by removing the standard buttstock and adding a triangular side folding one (which is much easier to handle and more comfortable in shooting compared to the under folding stock). Also, a muzzle device similar to AK-74 was added which works pretty well even if it’s not as effective as the original AK-74 brake, probably due to the higher caliber of AKM.

It is believed that a third country in Europe has done the modifications because of the high quality and precision, but that doesn’t defy it has lower quality counterparts that are locally made in Yemeni workshops.

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