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Did you know that in 1971, it was the first time that a human being drove a vehicle somewhere other than Earth? It was the Lunar Roving Vehicle built by Boeing. I guess it’s still there if you want to test drive it. To my knowledge, the astronauts weren’t armed, but the Curtis Custom Axiom build here would be a perfect fit for the Moon Buggy.

This rifle has a 16″ CarbonSix Rifle Barrels barrel, SilencerCo suppressor and a Zero Compromise Optics 4-20x riflescope. The overall length is 35″ and the weight is 13 lbs. The chassis is an MK2.5 Bullpup by MK Machining. I’m pretty sure that the machine behind is a 3D printer from HP.

Feeling tempted about the build or not? Let us know below in the comments section.

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