[NRA 2018] Holosun ELITE 515GT



Holosun Technologies has released their Elite series.  I had a chance to look at the 403c of the series. They have five variants. The entire Elite line is made with a titanium housing, and one can expect it to be light, durable, and long-lasting.


Battery life is my biggest selling point with a sight, so, I will start with that. The 403c promises a battery life of as up to 50,000 hours (25,000 with the reticle, 50,000 with red dot alone; 2.85 and 5.7 years respectively). It be will interesting to see if it lives up to that claim. This particular model has built-in solar cells. The cells allow it to run without a battery in many lighting conditions.  To save battery life, not moving it for 10 minutes will put the sight into a sleep mode allowing you to put it in the safe without double checking to see if it is turned off. This with the SHAKE AWAKE technology, which wakes it up with simple movement helps with further battery life. It will be interesting to see well it does while sitting in the trunk of a car while driving around town; how much motion will keep it awake?


The  403c Multiple Reticle System (MRS) includes 65 MOA circle with a 2 MOA dot or you can set it to use just the 2 MOA dot by itself. The 403c is night vision compatible with two brightness settings. The daylight brightness has ten intensity settings so it should function in any lighting conditions.


While it is an attractive red dot with a lot of promises, I have seen many red dots fail after some use. The durability of the Holosun 403c will be with some significant hands-on time–I want to see how it holds up compared to some of the other mainstays (e.g. Aimpoint).

You can find out more information about the Holosun Elite 403c at their website.

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