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Today’s Picture is from a demo with the Norwegian Special Operation Commando.

We’re looking at Norwegian operators on a Supacat HMT Extenda vehicle as they secure the area while a Bell 412 SP helicopter flies over the area.

As TFB reported in February 2019, the Norwegian Armed Forces ordered 1300 new M2A2N in .50 BMG which were to replace older HMGs. US Ordnance gets a massive order for M2A2N .50 BMG Machine Guns.

Below: It looks like the driver’s HK416 is suppressed, but it’s difficult to see even in the high-resolution version of the picture. The machine gun looks like an FN MAG.

Below: Operators from Norwegian Special Operation Commando run out from a Bell 412 SP helicopter during a demo at Rena, Norway.

In 2018 the Special Forces Vehicle designer and manufacturer Supacat (which is a part of the SC Group) announced that the first HMT Extenda 6×6 vehicles had been delivered to the Norwegians.

Below: Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg visited Norwegian Special Operation Commando at their camp in Rena, here she talks with some of the operators in NORSOC.

Mr. Torbjørn Kjosvold from the Norwegian Defense took these pictures.

Supacat Delivers Norway’s First HMT Vehicle

Following Supacat’s first delivery of the HMT Extenda vehicle to the Norweigan Armed Forces, Shephard spoke with Supacat’s CEO about the company’s ongoing programmes.




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