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Midwest Industries has just introduced a product that UZI Pro owners can use to increase the useability of their rare firearm – the UZI Pro Stock Adapter. The UZI Pro Stock Adapter is a direct mount adapter that allows the secure attachment of either a stock or pistol stabilizing brace or other Picatinny attachments like sling mounts. Although the UZI Pro is now discontinued, owners of the modernized subgun can now more confidently use their pistols with greater accuracy and versatility.

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New UZI Pro Stock Adapter from Midwest Industries

New UZI Pro Stock Adapter from Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries UZI Pro Stock Adaptor Features

  • Easy installation
  • Made to fit IWI US UZI Pro firearms
  • Constructed from Hard Coat Anodized 6061 Aluminum
  • Adds section of picatinny rail to back of receiver for stocks, arm braces, and
  • sling adaptors
  • Made in the USA

It’s time to make the UZI Pro all that it can be. The UZI Pro Stock Adaptor from Midwest Industries securely mounts onto the rear of the receiver with ease, allowing you to customize your UZI Pro like never before with aftermarket collapsible stocks, braces, and other Picatinny rail attachments. Like all Midwest products, this adaptor is built to withstand a lifetime of use, proudly made in the USA by American workers.

New UZI Pro Stock Adapter from Midwest Industries

While this may be more of a niche addition to the Midwest Industries lineup, I’m sure those that were able to get a hold of the IWI UZI Pro before its discontinuation will be happy to have the option to attach either stock for their From 1 UZI Pro or a pistol stabilizing brace. The adaptor is made from solid materials, is hard coat anodized, and seems to place the attachment point at a reasonable height to make the iron sights useful while using a brace or stock. If you’d like to pick up a Midwest Industries UZI Pro Stock Adaptor they are sold on for $54.95 (free shipping on orders over $150).

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