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Italian firearms are often nothing short of pieces of artwork as much as they are guns, especially when it comes to shotguns. Rizzini USA is the Utah-based importer of fine handcrafted Italian shotguns and rifles that range from legendary firearms like the Rhino Express chambered in .500 Nitro Express to their new BR110 Sporter IPS (Improved Performance System) 12-gauge O&U shotgun. This new shotgun is made from a combination of a Rizzini BR110 frame and handcrafted Turkish walnut stock featuring a fully adjustable rib that requires no tools.

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New Rizzini USA BR110 Sporter IPS (Improved Performance System)

New Rizzini USA BR110 Sporter IPS (Improved Performance System)

The new Rizzini BR110 Sporter IPS will feature a Grade 2 Turkish walnut stock with 26 LPI checkering and adjustable comb, a Rizzini clean grey anodized steel Sporter frame, a fully tool-less adjustable rib capable of giving you a 50/50 (flat), 60/40 for sporting clays and skeet shooting, as well as the popular 70/30 ratio for use with trap shooting. This turns this one shotgun into a jack of all trades without sacrificing its inherent durability and capability.

New Rizzini USA BR110 Sporter IPS (Improved Performance System)

The Rizzini BR110 Sporter IPS is currently only being offered in a 12 gauge configuration with either a 30 or 32″ barrel length (this is Razzinis XL bore) black bored barrel and will include 5 extended choke tubes for various applications including a Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, and Full chokes. The BR110 will also come with a limited lifetime warranty which should come as no surprise with the shotgun’s $3,450 MSRP price tag.

New Rizzini USA BR110 Sporter IPS (Improved Performance System)

Reviews from customers who own the previous release of the BR110 Sporter (which comes with a standard vent rib and a nonadjustable stock) have said that their shotguns have run flawlessly and that the fit and finish are characteristic of a quality handmade shotgun with some saying that the BR110 is just as good as comparable Beretta shotguns. As always, we’d like to hear your thoughts on this new shotgun. Let us know what you think down in the comments.

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