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Rimfire PRS is a rapidly growing sport in the United States and organizations like the Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series are also feeling the accelerated growth. A while back you guys will remember that I wrote a Rimfire Report article on the eastern-coast-based competition which had a good mix of new, old, and younger shooters who were all competing with one another across the eastern seaboard of the United States. Now, the Mid-Atlantic Rimfire Series has decided to rebrand itself as the Modern American Rimfire Series to reflect the growth that MARS has seen as well as to more accurately represent the organization.

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Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) Rebrands with Accelerated Growth

MARS is competitive shooting league comprised of various participating clubs in the mid-atlantic region. The intent is to create a fun series that’s both easy-going and exciting to promote camaraderie within the local, Mid Atlantic shooting community. MARS will collect scores from match directors after each event and track totals throughout the season, culminating in a finale.

Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) Rebrands with Accelerated Growth

While MARS may seem like the highly competitive and often exclusive USPSA, it is in reality much different than other shooting competitions you often run into. During my experiences at MARS matches, I’ve run into a wide variety of shooters including a lot of youth shooters who are just cutting their teeth in the precision rimfire shooting world. That is because the Modern American Rimfire Series is open to the public, to any shooter who wants to compete for just for fun. However, if you want a bit of a challenge and to compete with points on the board, memberships are also available. This creates a unique situation where you can bring friends and family along with you who are not members and they can still enjoy the shooting challenge without the upfront cost of high-end equipment and membership fees.

Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) Rebrands with Accelerated Growth

As part of the rebranding process for the Modern American Rimfire Series, former Director Dave Luu is now passing along the daily operations of the MARS series onto Tony Gimmellie who previously has been spearheading the growth of the series and will oversee the operation of MARS until further notice. The main reason for the rebranding of the Mid-Atlantic Rimfire Series is due to the rapid expansion which now includes over 50 individually participating clubs that host MARS matches from Texas all the way to Maine. This growth isn’t expected to stop either as MARS is actively looking for new clubs to host matches and if you know of a club that might be able to host, you can always bring MARS to your local club by filling out an application here.

I’m personally really happy to see rimfire rifle competitions on the rise, but I’d like to hear your thoughts! Have you ever participated in a MARS match? Let us know down in the comments.

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