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We travel to the Mountains of Austria in these Photos Of The Day here at TFB.

We see soon-to-be Ranger Soldiers doinig mountain combat traning at the Hochfilzen Training Center, where they learn to master their infantry weapons according to the terrain.

Above, in the outpost, you can see the Maschinengewehr 74 (MG74 – Rheinmetall MG 3) and the Steyr AUG. The soldier seems to have a beautiful view over the Austrian Alps.

For 2 weeks the topic is; “Overcoming difficult terrain”. Having done some hiking in Austria recently I cannot say I was longing for a heavy backback at all, nor to carry any firearm of any sort. It was quite enough with a small day pack.

Below: The battlefield lighting must be used carefully, otherwise the enemy may take advantage of it instead of you.

An Austrain soldier with a Steyr AUG hiding in the green.

In a two-day graduation exercise, the course participants now had to prove what they had learned.Taking notes is a good way of remembering.

All photos by Daniel Trippolt.

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