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Artillery and indirect fire: The M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer is the subject in this Photo Of The Day, with pictures from both Germany, Austria and Norway.

They provide far-reaching fire support, with help from the reconnaissance battalion.

Together they prepared the attack of the Panzergrenadier Brigade, as they bombarded the targets before the main battle tanks and grenadiers could advance.

Photo by Gerald Grestenberger (top and below)

The Austrian “Panzerhaubitzbatterie” provided reconnaissance and artillery fire with 4 of their “M109 A5Ö”s.

There are actually two different weapon systems here, the Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH2000, Germany) and the M109A5Ö (Austria).

Below you can see the M-109 self-propelled howitzer, as it conducts indirect fire support during a live fire exercise called Thunder Reindeer 2019 in Troms county, Norway

Below: Photos by Ole-Sverre Haugli / Forsvaret, Norwegian Defense.



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